HUGE number of red cards on thursday

so 125 was scouting newton on thursday and we noticed something that i have never seen before, 10 RED CARDS on Thursday(43 matches). I have since gotten rid of the sheet that i kept track of all of this but it was stunning to see that many red cards.

One thing that i did notice was that 6-7 of those red cards were for robots competing with out being inspected. Under normal circumstances i would be shocked, but when considering that this was the 1st year there were qualification matches on thursday i was less surprised., although one team did get 2 red cards for not being inspected.

Did this happen on Curie, Archimedes, and Galileo?

Do you think FIRST is aware of this/has a solution to this for next years championships?

Any other interesting trends you noticed while scouting championships?

Archimedes did not have any red cards for not being inspected and only had one or two the entire weekend for having 2 robots in the far zone.

I think the team had enough time to get inspected with around 8 hours of time from uncrate to first match, especially if they got two red cards for not being inspected.

Don’t forget that only 1 team went out uninspected (I believe), and they were soon inspected after they went out. :rolleyes:

Yes, I forgot that one team! :wink:

Galileo had a few red cards on Thursday, but I don’t think any of them were for teams that didn’t get inspected. I know one of them was for extending outside of the “box” before the endgame.

Besides helping your alliance, is there an advantage for going out without being inspected? I would prefer to get inspected instead of make the match and not get counted.

As I understood it, you were not allowed on the field without the inspection sticker.

I was also on Newton, and I think that they were about evenly split between playing without inspection and not sending anything to a match (including a human player). I was actually really, really surprised… I think my team had only seen one or two red cards before that. Most likely a fair number of them came from teams that didn’t realize that Thursday afternoon was actual qualification matches and not just for practice.

A team got a red card for knocking us off the pole. They hit us while we were climbing the pole, swung us around, and we fell off. We attempted to get back on, and almost made it before time was called. That was the only match in Archimedes that we did not hang, and the first time we have ever fallen off the pole, including during testing at home, and our home pole is at least 10 degrees off vertical.

My team was surprised when we found out Thursday is now qualification matches right before Michigan State Championship.

We got an embarrassing red card. BOB got a ball stuck under it, got bumped in the direction toward enemy alliance tower, then BOB just hooked right on and the hanging mechanism kicked in. The only time when the hooking mechanism works on first hit on a pole >.> Murphy’s Law at its finest.