Huge Publicity Opportunity for FIRST Teams, PLEASE READ!

Hello Teams!

I hope you are all enjoying you competitions and are learning a lot from your experiences!

As you may have heard, Google is having a contest in which applicants can submit innovative designs of the Google logo on their site, and few select winners will have theirs displayed on their chosen date!

I have decided to take on the challenge of creating a FIRST-based one, that I will hope to be displayed on the last day of FIRST Championships. However, finding good pictures that will help visitors of Google’s site recognize that they are looking at “Google” written out in robots is very challenging. I am in need of assistance finding good photos.

**If your team has any good robot photos, for **FRC, FTC, FLL, or Jr.FLL, that look like a G, O, L, or E, please submit them by replying to the thread and posting pictures, and label what letter they represent. Also, if you have other ideas for the submission please post them on the thread. All assistance is greatly appreciated!

This could be a great opportunity to help publicize FIRST not only within local communities, but throughout the entire world. If your robot ends up in the submission, it could be on the Google homepage, where over 700 million people visit every day. I hope that many teams will help me in this effort.

I have a very much “L” shaped fll robot at home that I can get pictures of tomorrow.

A link to all past doodles, to give an idea of some of more liberal interpretations of the logo in the past

With how vague symbols can be representive of the letters, you could just replace the “oog” with the FIRST logo.

There was another thread almost exactly like this awhile back:

Here’s your O.

This could be either a lower case g, or just using the top, it could be an O.

That could almost even be an “L”.

Here’s a unique perspective from the 2010 game featuring our robot and the cheesy poofs robot, a small bit of cropping can easily give the “oo” in Google.

I take no credit for this, but:

A possible lowercase ‘g’: