Huge Thank You 2771

A huge thank you to team 2771-code red robotics- for webcasting all of the michigan districts. Now if we could just get you guys down to iri.

Code Red is doing it again in 2010? Yeah that rhymes.

That’s great. I know that they’ve already helped the COMETS alot this year, thanks so much guys! Good luck at TC!

Really? Sweet, going to have to let some of the people at work and the family know so they can check it out.

Im feeling like Im looking at FIRST in another dimension… Im used to Code Red Robotics being team 639 and the COMETS was 1930 at one point… so bizzare!! Maybe FIRST should make a team name/domain signup for those of us from different dimensions! :slight_smile:

We weren’t’ originally the Comets :-p

Thanks again, Code Red. You do us all a great service. See you in TC!