Huge THANK YOU to Cisco!

For those of you attending MBR, you may know this, but to everyone else, there is something you may want to be aware of.

At MBR, Team 5104 worked with Cisco to provide fantastic WiFi to the entire venue. In addition, they provided great Internet access to the FMS. It was such a good network that, as you may have noticed, every match was able to be archived immediately to YouTube as soon as the match was complete, not just after the event was over.

This WiFi availability made it so that there were not all the rogue hotspot WiFi’s that plague many events.

This was a test for Cisco, and in my opinion, a HUGE success!

Now, this SHOULD NOT be a one off! This is something that Cisco and FIRST should partner on right away. There is no negatives, just Win Win Win.

Thank you Cisco, and of course, Team 5104!


The wifi was incredibly helpful for scouting this weekend. I don’t think anyone needed their own hotspot. Thank you, Cisco!

This sounds fantastic–I hope we get to see it at more events!

Well this was a huge success and I would love to see it at more events. The only reason this was possible is because the drop provide by the venue was a 10Gig Link. We where able to run the event and provide WiFI because we had a huge “pipe”. At most events getting a 10Gig link is not possible.

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Wifi hotspots is always a big problem for the field connectivity. We actually had to issue yellow cards at ISR4 due to teams repeatedly using hotspots after being told not to. I would love to see all events get similar “approved wifi” via the FMS. And if Cisco can provide this, more power to them!

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