Huge Wireless Delay Problems

We are having some major problems with delay through the wireless equipment. When the driver operates a joystick the robot does not respond for several seconds or sometimes even much longer.

We tried running an ethernet cable directly from the classmate to the cRio and the delay completely disappeared, which naturally makes us very suspicious of either the router or the gaming adapter. Does anybody have thoughts on why this would happen?

Interestingly, the programmers had first written their own code in labview without using the FRC Framework (Robot Main?), and reported that the delay was not present at that time. The delay only became drastically worse after incorporating their relatively simple code into the FRC Framework, but like I said it will disappear when it is operated in tethered mode.

Help! We are a rookie team now our robot is shipped off so we have no way to test changes. I guess we’ll be busy when we get to regionals!


Patrick Levy
Team 3202 - The Knightbots
Harding High School
St. Paul, MN

Some teams reported similar delays that they eventually traced to wireless network interference. Changing the channel on their wireless router cleared everything up.