Hula Hoops and Batons?

I don’t know if this qualifies as a “rumor”, but I will put it here. The moderators can move it if it fits better somewhere else.

I travel a lot on my job, often to the east cost - there are a lot of aerospace companies there (Goodrich, Sikorsky, Pratt, GE and some Rolls-Royce facilities). On my last trip, I was heading from Hartford, CT to Detroit and I got bumped to FIRST class. I settled in for a relaxing ride home and I kinda dozed off right away because it had been a very long day.

When I woke up Dean K was in the row right in front of me, talking to the person next to him about FIRST. I could not hear all the details, but he mentioned “Hula Hoops” and “Twirling Batons” several times during the conversation. I don’t know who the other person was.

That would really be a wierd “Twist” to the game, wouldn’t it? I don’t know if the hula hoops and batons were the playing objects or what the human players were supposed to do???

Anybody else heard anything like this?


Are you sure you were awake? :wink:

Haha, that would be an interesting game, but I’m wondering more what Dean’s thinking if he reads this!! Ha, though it is all in good humor and interest (no big money corporate spying in FIRST…) Dean can’t make a move edgewise without bumping into someone who wants to know what he’s talking about! (Hey, I’m still interested, don’t get me wrong!) I think FIRST is getting as big as Dean intended, but with some unintended consequences:) . Wow, Dean has to be pretty proud though, with so many people all over that something like this could happen. Talk about coincidence! Its in very few organizations that the potential diclosure of secret plans is something to have a warm feeling over!

Lord Dumpling, be very proud of what you’ve created!

Do you know how painful all these rumors are. They keep me up at night :ahh: But fore some reason I cannot get enough of them :yikes: So many possibilities…

why would Dean by flying public airlines? He has his pilots license and his own plane(s) and heli’s that when he can he flies himself

Did Dean by any chance mention red herrings? :wink:

And was this Dean Kamen, or a Dean with the last name starting with K?

Or even a C… maybe Dean Caine, host of Ripley’s Belive It Or Not! talking about someone who posesses amazing talents with batons and hula hoops.


*Note to self, if batons and hula hoops are used, get ahold of this person who has these amazing talents with batons and hula hoops for consultation purposes.

Sounds very similar to the time Dr. Joe was “accidentally” cc’d on an email :wink:

Chris, give us a yell the next time you’re in the area!

bah! i want kick off soo badly now! lol

but that would be soo awesome if there was batons n hula hoops, oo the fun in creating a robot that can shake it’s hips and throw batons! lol jk :smiley:

I understand that Dean Kaymen has now invented a super “sniffer” that can scout-out anyone within hearing distance that is remotely-involved with FIRST.

It is a device which can non-invasivly scan your blood vessels looking for the FXY chromosome. It was discovered several years ago that people involved with FIRST formed a mutant DNA cluster from getting the “FIRST” bug.

So, I’m sure that Dean had his pocket-worn, fuel-cell-powerd wireless infrared FIRST detector and knew you were on the airplane within hearing distance.

Here in Rochester, NY don’t plan on us demonstration hula hoops and batons OUTSIDE in january!

So that explains the mass supply of hula hoops my dad has been bringing home…
:cool: :ahh:

Hmm… interesting, interesting…

Either that or he’s recapturing his youth, by learning the hula hoop all over again, and also saving up to buy a new mustang.
(DOH!! Pic is missing… :frowning: But trust me, it was a pic of a Mustang)

I still like the idea of motorcycle or bike tires…or barrels…

Don’t toy with me!!!

Is he seriously bringing home hoola-hoops? Inquiring minds want to know!

LMAO!!! Pwnd!!!

Hey Sean, where is your usual disclaimer? :yikes:

Say it ain’t so!

I’m losing my nerve… I can’t take the suspense any more…

I hope the human player wont have to dance with Hula Hoops to bring points
but thats can be funy

dun dun dun what does it mean?

If it did have sumthing to do with hula hoops and batons, i think the human player would definently have more play in this game. I wuld love to hula hoop or twirl batons for my teams score! Maybe, we’ll find out soon enough…16 days in fact! :rolleyes: