Human Player - Auton/Teleop

True. But also, robots are not allowed to get the cargo as it comes out from the top, and must wait until it rolls. A great robot could find the ball and pass it back, but yeah it’s better for the robot to shoot it at that point. Also, would your robot even be at the right location when the ball drops?

5 red 5 blue!

What are you talking about?

There are 11 red balls and 11 blue balls on the field to start the match. 6 of each around the Hub. Each alliance station gets 1 of its color in front of its closest Terminal, 1 of its color in its closest Terminal, and the last 3 of each color are either preloaded in robots or next to their Alliance Station right by the Terminal.

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2022 FIRST Robotics Competition RAPID REACT Game Animation - YouTube my bad it was 6 red and 6 blue

Never rely on Game Animation done months before Game Launch

bro that was released on kickoff

And finalized months prior

But if it was release on kickoff why would the animation be different then the game?

Because the game was NOT finalized and they change something up to launch?

Dude they won’t release a video of a game with different rules.

They almost always do , read the Game Manual

Ok I was wrong, 7 balls per color. Go to page 21

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Yes, you were 11 of each color

Where are the other 4 of each color?

8 are on the FIELD, THREE are preloaded (or not)

See above.

Ok I got defeated.

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Additional caveat: yes, there are 11 total per color. Considering we’re talking about autonomous, though, it’s worth noting (the currently unclear parsing of) G210 and the fact that 3 of those start on the opposite side of the CENTER LINE. Also note the Figure 6-1 vs 6.1.1.A.a discrepancy needs to be resolved for which side of the LINE unused preloads start on.


They start on far opposite side, no clarification needed

I also suspect the writing is usually correct, but Figure 6-1 clearly shows the 3 red CARGO staged between the Red TARMACs and red DRIVERS across from the red HANGAR. I have trouble interpretating that as 6.1.1.A.a’s “opponent’s ALLIANCE WALL”.