Human Player - Auton/Teleop

Suspect that and what makes sense , in other word its best to preload

The 3 on the far side are only if you don’t pre-load.

I expect this will be addressed in TU#1.


This is pretty strange to say. There’s a point where “opening your mind” isn’t constructive. This is that point.

Human players are limited by the cargo they have access to.

There isn’t a “great robot” that will go collect cargo and find a way to deliver it legally to human players instead of just shoot it. The time limitation alone makes this a poor decision.

It was effectively false to claim there wasn’t a limit to their scoring as you’d have to do something to reduce your alliance’s overall score to increase the human players ability to score beyond what’s provided to them.

Telling others to open their mind when you’re saying things that are inherently wrong doesn’t help correct a bad idea.

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Have you ever watched Einstein Finals? I will add this, many games are won by one point (edited)

I have. And those robots all would score with the robot faster than they’d get a cargo back to a human player.

Have you watched Einstein?

Not where HP can score in Auto unlimited

I did say unused preloads specifically, but yeah it’s on my Q&A list. I agree the likelihood is far side.

Well then congrats, that trend continues in 2022 =)

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I’ve missed you, Summer CD.