Human Player Box Orientation

Now that we are 3 weeks in, and all the fields have been used, I am curious how the totes are coming out of the chute. Are they landing on the edge? Or landing flat with the bottom down. Preseason it appeared to be a mixed batch. On the actual fields is it more consistent? If it does vary, does it vary between chutes on a single field?

From what I’ve seen at a week 1 competition, the totes almost always landed on their edges no matter what station they came from, presuming that only gravity was changing the projectile’s path. It is important to make sure that your robot has a way of preventing this from happening. I feel that this design is very much intentional from the GDC and throws another wrench into the works.

When coming straight out of the tote chute, totes have very consistently falling on their edge. I’ve seen this happen consistently at two different regionals, a week 1 and a week 3. It appears that the chutes on different fields are giving mostly the same results; if you’re designing anything involving getting totes from the human player station, I would suggest taking into account very many sideways totes.

We planned around this, I was just curious how it has been shaking out.

Been seeing a lot of ends/edges.

In an unrelated note, an awful lot of teams wanted a look at 1197’s ramp at L.A. after it was added at Inland Empire… Can’t figure that one out. /:rolleyes:] In another unrelated note, at least 2-3 other teams at L.A. were running ramps.

…the amazing totes always fall on edge (thanks Ms. Gravity) and then they change their orientation (thanks Mr.Physics and Mr. Momentum), ending up on their side or on their head. It depends on the chute, the carpet and variation in mass distribution in a tote etc.