Human Player Clarifications

There have been some questions regarding rules that were explained at kick-off but not clearly explained in the written rule book. Consider these to be the official rules that the referees will use:

Clarification 1: Balls may be passed between the two human players on an alliance but the balls may not strike anything that is “out of bounds”. If a passed ball strikes the floor or any other object that is outside of the playing field, the referees will return the ball to the field of play. If the ball is put into play and into a scoring position before the referee can get it from the human player and return it to the field, the referee will wait until the end of the match to remove it from a scoring position.

Clarification 2: Only three balls are allowed inside any human player station at a time. If more than 3 balls are inside a human player station at a time, the referees will return them to the playing field.