human player communication

are human players alowed to use a dry erase board to communicate with the coach of the drivers?

Personally, I wouldn’t recomend it. I think that sound waves travel faster than the eye registers the markings on a white board :slight_smile:

Actually if your team was on the far end and your human player sees something that the coach or driver doesn’t, chances are that your human player couldn’t communicate with the rest of the drive team without something like a dry erase board.

hand signals and yelling is what we are going to use. :o

It would not really matter, unless you had another plan behind it.

I wonder… :confused:

If you do use a marker board, be sure to use one that’s bright green. :smiley: But seriously, I think it could be a good way to communicate. There could be a lot of noise so a marker board could be the way to go.

We were thinking about nautical semaphore flags…

(first one to translate this gets a cookie!)


Something to keep in mind is that your human player can’t move off his pad to make his erase board viewable to the drive team. Maybe they can’t see him for some reason, but he can’t move to let them. Otherwise, robot dies, and the problem gets bigger.

Realistically speaking, would you really halt your progress to write on a dry erase baord? I support Brad’s idea. Having a practiced and simple set of gestures on the field could definitly benefit you.

Good luck everyone :slight_smile:

  • Genia

How about telepathy?

Correct me if I’m wrong…
I thought I saw somewhere (possibly a Q/A) that the coach is allowed to “roam free” within the driver stations. That is, they can move back and forth to communicate with the other coaches on the alliance.

(Thank God… Coaching is enough of a nightmare this year.)

Though it isn’t very practical, couldn’t the coach zip on down to the end of the alliance, and have a nice little chat with the HP?

My drivers can manage themselves for a few seconds.
They don’t ALWAYS need a baby-sitter.

Beyond that, our only Human Player test this year was “how loud can you shout: HEY JOHN!!!”. :wink:


If they cant see a dry erase board, how could they see a hand signal?

I think that the human player can probably only communicate to and from the loading zone…

Corrrecto Mr. JVN

ID:1341 Section:4.2.2 Status:Answered Date Answered:1/28/2005
**Q:**Due to the fact that there are three separate player stations, is it possible that the COACHES can travel from station to station to allow the outer two stations to communicate?

Yay, that will help alot.

“Send More Tetram” a little spelling mistake? or a little bleed through from Latin?


I would not suggest using a dry erase board, not only is it unclarified by FIRST at this point, but the amount of room you have to move is going to be drastically reduced if you have dry erase boards and markers for each human player. Plus it will save time just having a “runner” coach talking to the others if need be.

P.S.~ Dave i think we should ask Brandon to put in a spell check for semaphore flag signals because you want us to “Send more Tetram”.

hmm, i dunno

Here is a question for everyone, what exactly needs to be said to the human player? Umm put the tetra on the robot. How much more complicated is it?

They need to be the person who can stay calm and not jump up and down when something goes right/wrong in the match. They have to be fast in loading and returning to the pad, also fast in communicating to the drivers and coaches.


…assuming that the first symbol is an “I”. i’d say that warning the human player as to when you will be getting up to the loading station (in the event that their view is obstructed by a ref/robot/other human player) and where to place the tetra on the 'bot, since some teams could have multiple places to hold a tetra.

by the by dave, is there a chance that i could get in on this cookie deal too ? :wink: