Human player cube retreval through the exchange: how far can the human player reach?

How far in can the human player reach into the lower opening of the Exchange to retrieve a partially inserted cube?

You can’t explicitly reach into the exchange apart from using your feet to roll the tubing to move the cube.

There are conveyor rollers on the bottom of the lower opening of the Exchange. The human player makes the rollers spin by using his/her foot to slide back the rollers. When the rollers are spinning, they move the power cube to the other side of the Exchange, so the human player doesn’t have to reach into the exchange at all.

If the human player reaches into the Exchange, it’s a foul and the opposite alliance will be awarded 5 points.

Okay, thank you. Refined question:
How far into the exchange do you think the cube needs to be to be able to be “rolled in” all the way to the human player. >50%, >75%, 100% ?

Especially interested if you were at the New Hampshire Kickoff as I think the field was perhaps made of the real materials?

PC in exchange needs to go about 75%-100% to interface with a human hand grab…so a quick foot roll will do IF its about halfway in if flush with back wall, now if the bot did not make it flush then the rollers may not grab it enough to roll forward

Yes, thank you. I was wondering since the opening appears from the specs to be wide enough to accommodate the cube entering at its widest configuration.