Human Player + Gloves = ?

I was wondering what the rules were about the HP wearing gardening/grip gloves to improve their grip on the ball. I have seen some teams use this, but I wanted to double check if it was legal or not.

I don’t see a rule against it, and the safety manual actually encourages the entire drive team to wear gloves.

I wore mechanics gloves almost every match at UNH as a human player. I only wore them because I needed to lift the robot, but there was nothing against having them on during the match.

The has been Q&A’d twice and 195’s HP had gloves this weekend at Groton

I would have considered it a violation of T22, but the GDC does not.

Q418 Q. Are human players allowed to wear gloves?
FRC0195 on 2014-02-26
A. There are no rules that prevent this.

I wonder if they would consider Stickum a violation of T22…

There is no rule. One of our NEMO mentors threw out the idea for this but it was turned down right away because we all thought there was a rule against it. Upon further investigation, we found that there, in fact, was no rule. Our human player is using Under Armour Football Wide Reciever gloves and they make a HUGE difference! She loves them, being able to catch the ball by her finger tips or over her head is now easier than ever. I would highly reccomend using them if you shoot over the truss to your human player. Similar gloves can be found at any sporting goods store, or even Walmart/Target.