Human Player Hand in Loading Bay Chute

I was watching a team load on the pit test area and saw a human player put his arm inside of the chute in order to give a more direct output. I looked through the rule book and CD nah do couldn’t find anything. I am probably being blind, but this has been a rule for multiple years and I can’t seem to find it anywhere this year. (Pls link to it)

I was wondering how long it would take for someone to take advantage of this. :slight_smile:

The human player stations are awful Especially the low ones Power cells get stuck in them

Not sure if this is what you are looking for?

S5. Humans, stay off the FIELD during the MATCH. DRIVE TEAMS may not extend any body part into
the FIELD during the MATCH.
Violation: YELLOW CARD
Examples of egregious violations that are likely to escalate the violation to a RED CARD
include, but are not limited to, walking onto the FIELD during a MATCH or reaching into
the FIELD and grabbing a ROBOT during a MATCH.
S6. Stay out of the Chutes. DRIVE TEAMS may not extend any body part into the LOADING BAY
Chute. Momentary encroachment into the Chute is an exception to this rule.

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But, the rule book also says “The official FIRST Robotics Competition definition of momentary is fewer than three (3) seconds. The intent of using this word is to provide a reference for our community”. So, as long you remove your hand within 3 seconds, you can put your hand in the chute.

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Why couldn’t this be the rule for 2017? Was gear loader, had a couple times where my fingers just slipped a bit and was only an inch inside the chute.

Attempt to utilize that timer at your own risk. While refs are certainly aware of the rule, I wouldn’t be expecting them to be counting out 3 seconds on a stopwatch each time. If the incursion appears more than momentary to a ref, you could very well end up getting a penalty against.

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It should be noted that if everything is working correctly then putting your hand into the feeder chute should not trigger the ball counter. Each counter has two sensors, A and B, positioned one after the other, respectively. In order for a ball to be counted, A must trigger before B (i.e. a ball is coming from the goal towards the corral). If B triggers before A (i.e. someone sticking their hand into the chute) then the counter will not increment. So even if a human player does put their hand into the chute momentarily, it shouldn’t affect the score.

Why would you put your hand in that chute in the first place?

Actually, don’t answer that. The alleged infraction actually happened on the other side of the #2 station, in the Loading Bay. (Uh, the situation you described gets a MUCH worse penalty than just a Foul.)

Ah loading chute…forgot the field has another chute. Ignore me. You really shouldn’t be putting your hand in the goal chutes.

This was asked in the Q and A.
“In general, this means that encroachment into the chute for less than 3 seconds will not be penalized”

It’s up to field staff to determine if your method is safe and under 3 seconds, so I wouldn’t do it often or you risk their discretion.