Human Player Litter Records

On the eve of Championships we are wondering which teams had the top human players (in Litter Score) in regional events. For us, our human player “Fafa” threw for a quite good 346 total in the Mexico City Regional, hbu?

To my knowledge, we (3959), currently hold the highest litter average in a single regional at 33.9. No idea if that’s changed any though since the last weeks of competition.

Also no clue about our actual totals for matches but our highest for that has also been over 300!

Our litter score was also exactly 346 at NE District Champs. (28.3 points/match)
The highest score at NECMP was from 2168, who had a total of 364. (30.3 points/match)

That is pretty cool, we are just below you at 31.45 per game!

at the PNW Champs, the highest was 396 points from 2605, which comes to a 33 point average.

Is this just from throwing or putting them in recycling cans?

I think it refers to both, as litter score is both.

I saw the 2767 HP throw 10 for 10 in more than one match, at the St. Joseph District where I was a referee.

40 pts in one match is an impressive individual contribution. Consistently scoring on every opportunity is even more impressive, and more valuable to the team.

The interesting decision comes when an alliance might either litter an RC with 23 seconds left in the match for 6 possible points, or have a really good HP throw that noodle for a near certain 4 points. At the highest level, that decision could swing a final, if RCs are split 5-5.

2168 definitely had at least a few ‘perfect’ litter score matches.

125/1519/1786 also had at least one semi-perfect litter score in a match; 9 noodles scored through throwing, 1 scored in a can.

Also a fun fact: at Rhode Island this year, we (125) were number one seed with a litter score of only 40-the lowest at the event

We averaged over 37 litter points in quaters and semis.

225 Techfire’s human player, Owen, is without a doubt one of the best I have seen this year. He consistently gets the noodles well beyond the step (looking back at some MAR matches he put a couple in the staging zone.) One particular match in the MAR finals he threw two noodles inside a robot on the opposing alliance. May not have been intentional but it looked very impressive :smiley:

It’s kinda funny because I saw 303’s human player destroy 225s robot in one elim match because that human player throws very consistently into the one spot next to the scoring platform where 225 was.

Team 2013s HP scored a record Litter score of 463 points at the Western Canada Regional averaging 38.6 points per match. We awarded him a bronzed noodle.