Human player making baskets

I was going through videos on youtube and came across the one below, at around 0:40 it says "notice there is no netting above the inbound station, allowing for last minute, hail-mary shots. From what I understood from reading the rules that if a human player makes it, it does not count, but from this video, it sounds like you can. What do you guys think?

I think this is an official FIRST video as its from FRCTeamsGlobal.


I read nothing in the rules that said the inbounders could not score.

There’s nothing in the rules yet about it, so if an update doesn’t say otherwise, I’d say it’s allowed.

Of course, you have to keep in mind <G32>

During Teleop, Inbounders may enter Basketballs back onto the Court by:
passing though the Inbound Slots at any time;
**throwing over the Inbound Station during the final 30 seconds of Teleop.**
Violation:  Foul

Emphasis mine

Hmm, I must of mis-read the rules. Thank you!

[G32] During Teleop, Inbounders may enter Basketballs back onto the Court by:
a) passing though the Inbound Slots at any time;
b) throwing over the Inbound Station during the final 30 seconds of Teleop.

Violation: Foul

I doubt a team update will come out disallowing that. Two reasons:

  1. I feel this is something the GDC would’ve thought about
  2. From Field Tour #2:
    "At the other end of the Alliance Station is the Inbound Slot. It was designed for bounce passes when inbounding game pieces. Notice too that there’s no netting above the inbound station. This should make it a little easier for last second hail mary shots.
    Emphasis mine.

considering how difficult it will be to score from back there, I would expect that the flurry of hoarded balls from both sides will re-energize the game by leaving more on the floor from about 29 sec left to about 10 sec left when bots go for the ramps.

Scoring by people is unlikely but even humans failing can lead to a robot getting the ball fast and scoring. In fact, its possible that if both teams score balls like this (and the inbounders then get more to throw) there may be a second flurry of scoring with just a few seconds left by robots who can score more by shooting then by balancing.

Our team was also thinking about that…though to put it in perspective, on a High School regulation basketball court, half court line is at 42 feet…The FRC field is 54 feet, not including the wall or how far away the inbounder is standing from said wall.

Keep in mind rule G31

Only Inbounders may contact Basketballs; each Inbounder may hold a maximum of two Basketballs. During Teleop, Inbounders must remove Basketballs from the Corral immediately upon arrival. All Basketballs in the Alliance Station must be held by Inbounders once removed from the Corral.
Violation: Foul

Hoarding balls is going to be a little difficult.

but wouldn’t you expect them to hold some? even if its only 3 or 4 from each side, there will be balls thrown at the end, and the vast majority of these will not score, but will be picked up by robots on either side. I would want to make sure my robot was on the scoring side at the 31 second mark.

In 2007, witnessed more than on kid throw those tubes for the hail mary. Any time there is something a player can throw, it flies. I tell any potential inbounder that if they can make that hail mary shot with the heat on, dinner’s on me. Something like that ought to also give the top eight something else to consider when making alliance choices.

edit: You’ll see some teams hold the max number and get tripped up with a foul. I think those will be gone within the first dozen matches only to come back and occur in the finals.

It is possible to make it from 54’ because the human players on our team are practicing and have made quite a few shots between the highest basket and the two middle ones.

Throwing a foam ball 54’ while keeping it at a height where it can still land in one of the baskets will be quite a feat indeed. Still could see it happening, gonna bring this up to our strategy head for picking a human player.

A bit further than that because remember you are behind the 6’ wall

Also keep in mind that these balls are smaller, and therefore easier to score with than a regulation men’s or women’s basketball.

I think a human player could make said basket.

They could make a basket but it is definitly not easier to make it than a regulation size basketball because it weights a lot less and also the pressure at the competition.

As from my knowledge of being on the Girls high school basketball team and the human player it is easier to throw the FIRST basketball, than a regulation size girls ball.

I saw a few baskets and near misses at the week zero I attended, and I by no means saw all the matches.

It can and will happen. I’m not sure if it will swing too many matches, but the potential exists. I’d have been happier if it wasn’t allowed. My concern is less that it will swing matches and more that in the last 30 seconds there will be a lot of stuff going on- bridges rocking back and forth and robots taking last shots. Adding a flurry of human player shots to the mix seems like it made things even more confusing.

I guess it’s a fairly minor complaint in what is otherwise shaping up to be a pretty good game. Time will tell…

Good thread revival. I was skeptical at first, but our guys make shots all the time. It’s not the majority, but it’s enough to see a couple during breaks. Definitely more than could be made with a regulation ball…

No offense meant, but isn’t basketball also a high-pressure competition?

yes basketball is a high-pressure competition