Human Player Slideshow

Hi there!

In the past First has been pretty lax on Human Player responsibility, making it the natural place to put over-eager Freshmen at competitions. Infinite Recharge changes this.

So I decided to make a Crash Course of sorts. I’m open to feedback and I hope you enjoy!


Going to have to disagree with you on the level importance of human players in previous games but I appreciate you putting together a guide.


Check that one on 7: Don’t go into the opposing station.

Copypasta made it through from the previous slide.


Thanks, my bad

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Yeah I guess you can argue that H.P.s are important every year but I feel like this year the job got a little more complicated.

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I’d definitely say human players in 2017 were important… we made ours do pushups for dropped gears :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d remove these two lines

  • In the past, the human player position was where we stuck the freshman that didn’t drive or want to scout.
  • FIRST has decided to change that.

right off the bat. Some of our best have been Freshmen. It’s demeaning to them and is not necessary.

Otherwise, looks pretty useful.


I’d also remove the “During the Endgame, HP dont do anything besides hoping the hang works.” If other teams are still shooting, then you should still be dumping.


Ah yes, taking a note from Cheer. Maybe we will do the same with our HP’s who drop power cells this year :thinking:.

Looks to be a useful presentation. Human Players are almost always important to a match. Since 2005 I can think of only 2008 and 2010 where they weren’t really used much. If your team uses it as a position to just get a freshman on the field then you’re doing it wrong… As a drive coach, human players drove me crazy because they often wouldn’t know the rules, got penalties, and generally don’t know what to do so they just stand around and watch instead of help. Human players on the top teams were always ones that I could count on and would actively find ways to be of benefit to a match. Things as simple as bringing game pieces closer to another HP can have a huge impact (a robot should never have to wait on a human).

If your human player isn’t actively feeding a robot some other things to do:

  • Relay balls to the HP that is doing the feeding
  • Ensure that you are not hoarding too many balls within the alliance station
  • Keep an eye on the clock and call out the time remaining (1 min, 45 sec, 30, 15, 10, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1)
  • If vision is difficult for your drivers, position yourself in a place where you have better visibility and can help guide your drivers

Before each match, ask your alliance partners how they load balls in case that you end up needing to feed them during the match. Go over to their pit and look at their robot. Practice loading them if possible. You may not actually be asked to do so during the match, but knowing how to just in case could make or break a match.


Sorry about those, they aren’t funny but are demeaning like you said. Sorry about posting them; they have been removed.


That’s true.

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Oh yeah, aplenty of teams were stuck waiting on gears… :sweat_smile:

Do you want to include “jokes” like that about human players that are probably still involved with your team?

If they’re no longer involved with your team, why?

EditToAdd: If you’re looking at something and figure you should take it out before you post it on Chief, why shouldn’t you take it out before it goes in front of your team?

That was a joke I figured that our team would find amusing. I forgot to take it out when posting. It will be removed shortly.

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Looking back on it, that was not a smart thing to post. It’s rude and demeaning to freshmen to who want to help. It’s gone now.


Thank you, that’s the kind of reflection that we’ve been asking for - not just “oh **** take out the bad words” but going all the way to “this is not a good joke and we shouldn’t allow ‘jokes’ that punch down on our team” :slight_smile:
Good job recovering from the defensive mindset you were dropping into earlier in the thread, too - that can be tough. Proud of you!

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And thank you for the feedback. I’m coming to understand that it can be hard for an inside joke to get it’s meaning across through text rather than in person without coming across as offensive or rude.


I don’t think the issue is misunderstanding text, I think the issue is whether the person being talked about is present in the room and has the power & social capital to call out that it’s offensive or rude out loud to whoever’s making the comment.

It’s easy for us to call it out on CD - we’re not a nervous sophomore who was HP last year and is still trying to figure out how they fit in on the team.

Jokes that punch up to people with power can be funny - jokes that punch down to people without power are generally actually bullying, but we’re conditioned to laugh to make it “not awkward”.

I made a poor choice of words when proposing that I made a poor choice of words.
The joke isn’t funny if everyone isn’t laughing (especially the person the joke is about) and that person should be present and able to say that they don’t like it which is why you have to be careful posting stuff online.

Also you were right on the money about me being a nervous, ex-human player sophomore :sweat_smile: