Human Player tube toss?

i did a search and couldnt find anything about this topic…

can human players throw tubes over the alliance station and have it land on the rack? (yeah, lots of skill, but i got 6 weeks to practice :slight_smile: )

and if it does land on the rack, will it count? i know last year you could throw balls into the goals to score…

Yes. See <G48>.

<G48> Entering GAME PIECES onto the field - Only the HUMAN PLAYERS may enter a RINGER
or SPOILER onto the field, either by attempting to throw it to a ROBOT or onto the RACK,
passing it through the CHUTE to a ROBOT, or passing it through the CHUTE for pickup by a
ROBOT. If GAME PIECES are thrown, they must be thrown over the top of the Alliance
Station Wall, and may not be thrown around the side of the Alliance Station Wall.
of this rule will result in a 10-point penalty per GAME PIECE entered onto the field.
Was found on page 10 of Section 7 - The Game

thanks all. time to start tossing :slight_smile:

After reading that rule, we started chucking the tubes to see how far you can throw these things. Surprisingly, if you throw it like a frisbee with a spin on it (more spin seems to keep it up longer) we were able to throw it around 30ish feet. Next we need to see if we can chuck it over that 8 foot wall, the ceiling kind of got in the way of testing that one.

Should be interesting to see if any teams get good enough at chucking them onto the rack.

Looks like we will see some really skilled human players this year

Be careful of not covering the Green Lights with your toss to the rack. That’s not allowed as per update #1.

This wall is the shortest in any FIRST game I’ve seen, only 6.5 feet tall. That’s only 6 inches above my head, so throwing them onto the rack shouldn’t be too difficult. However, throwing them and getting them onto a leg, that would be difficult.

This is actually good. If you have a good offensive bot, you can make 9 easy rings if you can pick them up off the ground. Just have your team throw them to you and you pick them up so you dont have to go back and forth every time.

That, depending on how you place your tubes, would be very helpful to your overall score.


Throwing them may not be difficult, but what of the risk of throwing a tube onto a leg that already has a ringer on it? Or throwing a spoiler onto one of your already-scored spider legs? Or…?

We’ve had that thought, too.

A note of caution: we’ve slashed both our tubes by tossing them onto the rack, both casualties of the crossbar on our rack that will soon hold the lights. Be careful of sharp edges; tubes don’t tend to like them.

There have been some great human players out there this year and there have been some matches won because of the human players being able to put a tube on the rack.

we had people hit the judge in the face and them selfs this is done by hitting the top then it comes back and hits them in the face lol
its funny when they hit some one cuz they try to hid or turn around and act normal

In San Diego I Put On 5 Rings, and 1 Spolier on our own Ring Sadly But We Got it Off.
To Most If Not All Teams I Have Been Called a GOD. Ive Put a Total of 36 Rings On From All The Regionals and Using The Practice Fields!