Human Player Zones

Are there three human player zones, one behind the driver stations, and two by the chute doors?

Also, can there only be one human player behind the driver stations at a time?

There are only 2 human player zones per alliance.

The Red and Blue HUMAN PLAYER ZONES are located on each end of the FIELD, behind the ALLIANCE WALLS and each are bounded by the edge of the carpet, the HUMAN PLAYER STATION, the STARTING LINE, and White gaffers tape.

The area behind the ALLIANCE WALL is the ALLIANCE STATION:

the area behind the ALLIANCE WALL which contains the three (3) PLAYER STATIONS and two (2) HUMAN PLAYER ZONES and bound by the edges of the carpet and white tape.


PLAYER STATION – one (1) of three (3) assigned positions behind an ALLIANCE WALL from where a DRIVE TEAM operates their ROBOT.

So what exactly is the role of the third human player? Does he stay in the bleachers, act as a second coach, or help the human players?

4 players:

2 Drivers in Driver zone (player station)
1 in Human Player zone (Non-driver)
1 Coach who cannot touch anything

All players besides coach can Noodle (Throw or place in RC)
There can only be ONE player in Human zone at any one time or FOUL

From what I’ve seen, the third human player typically throws litter from outside of the human player stations and/or transports litter and totes to the human player stations.

I would think that they are the ones who hand the totes from the back of the alliance station to the other human players who are at the feeder stations. I watched the Dallas Live Stream yesterday but I couldn’t entirely tell.