Human Player


Hello, there! If my team picks a human player, does it have to be the same person in every match or can we pick different human players throughout the competition?


You can change out, but you probably shouldn’t. Normally human players are drivers in training getting practice and experience being on the field.


We have two this year because there’s less strategy like the vaults.


my team switches out human player every match. This works for us as we are such a small team. this way everyone will be on the field with the robot at one point or another so they can see there hard work paying off. I wouldn’t recommend switching any other drive team position.


You can change every drive team member every match if you want. It all about who is wearing the button.


Just because you can do something doesn’t mean that you should.

If you elect to swap out drive team members, make sure that they know the rules. This year the HP position doesn’t have that all much that can go wrong. In prior years, often when a new HP showed up, so did new fouls.


Just make sure your human player has the drive team button and you’ll be good to go. Losing one of those buttons can be a big pain in the butt, so make sure you keep that in a known position at all times.


While you are allowed to swap every match, I would recommend you keep your human player the same person. That goes for the rest of drive team as well. The chemistry that you have to develop is hard enough as it is and adding extras to the mix could potentially be a recipe for disaster. Hope this helps.


You can switch human players between each match ,but you probably should not. This year our team just chose to have whoever carried the robot onto the field as the human player.


At Palmetto, I saw a number of HP’s costing their team in cycle time. For instance, a Hatch should always be loaded. The robot would come back for a hatch and the HP would have to go get one.

Assuming the first statement is true, Then there is no excuse for not having a cargo in hand. to immediately drop when the robot is ready.

So I’m saying that a competitive team should only have well trained HP’s.


You can switch out players, but I wouldn’t because it is better for the human player to be consistent and learn from their mistakes. I’m a human player, and if I switched I probably wouldn’t be as capable as I am at strategy and other aspects of HPs.


I chose my human player with logic. I have a very well conditioned athlete who has great hands…and she is #1 in her class. She can run back and forth with ease and won’t drop anything!