Human players are costing points

As predicted, human players are costing teams LOTS of points at DC regional.

The biggests one is that the Payload specialists on the refuling station are touching the super cells before the 20 sec.end game.

It’s not enough to just wait to throw them, they can’t even touch them before the last 20 seconds.

Please tell your PS’s to WAIT.

Also, there are a lot of PS’s that are thowing the Empty cells over the Outpost wall… BAD.

Many teams are having their 40-50 points reduced to zero, so now is a great time for new and old teams to sit down qith their PS’s and go over the 6-7 things that they can do to lose their team points.

Haven’t seen a robot penalty yet !!


I was watching the MWR webcast yesterday. I noticed that many (the majority) of penalties are from the PSs.

Teams, take this as good advice. It’s completely unnecessary to lose a match since you picked up a super cell early.

Is there some sort of buzzer or something to let your PSs know that it’s OK to throw super cells?

The now standard FIRST end of match sound effect from the Flintstones. Fred Flintstone burns foot sole in a fast take off in the family car.

Alot of teams are very unknowledgeable when it comes to the rules.
Especially the rookie teams.
That is why we do the drivers test which includes the human player.
Everyone on the drives team should know the rules!

A lot of human players seem to be reaching into the field as well.

we also do driver tests to make sure we know the rules…
i also recommend that you directly remind the other PS’s on your alliance before each match.

Which I think is from entering empty cells. A quick and easy way to prevent that is to hold the empty cell with one hand and a moon/empty cell in the other and force the empty cell out when you are ready. That keeps your hands away from the hole edge and thus no penalties.

Yeah at jersey I experienced A LOT of teams who had payload specialists who knew nothing about the rules. Nothing against those teams but why would you send someone on the field who doesnt know the rules of the game?

Would you mind posting a copy of your driver’s test?


The penalties I saw were

1> Human player entering the field (through the outpost port) and
2> Human player picking up moonrocks before the match started.

There were also a lot of foot faults.

Also not using the tongs has happened quite a bit. For instance in qualifying match 22 (DC Regional) one of our alliance partners cost us 50 points though repeated penalties for reaching in, luckily it did not change the outcome of the match.

Some of these mistakes may be nerves. I get nervous just watching from the stands. I can’t imagine how drive teams and human players feel. If they break the rules once, even twice, give them a little bit of a break. Now 50 points is a little much.

Scouting could be used to help to find those teams who don’t seem to know what’s going on and help them. We have a section in our scouting for this and it helps to stregthen our alliance.

I know that in one of our matches, we got 4 penalties for another team’s human player’s hands crossing into the field while using the tongs to grab balls.

yea that happened in the mwr…most of it was throwing the empty cells into play. I agree that it could be nerves, maybe people at the outposts don’t always realize that they pick off the wall instead of from the bucket

I actually had to chase down and drag back too the station an adult rookie team coach who inexplicably darted out of his station and ran over to the carts for something. I told himm to not ever leave the lines of the drivers station during a match. He honest had no idea. Alot of teams seem to be that way. They hav e no idea about the rules and I really think that is part of scouting: do teams understand and follow the rules? It’s one thing to rate how productive your team is. It’s another when the only thing you are contributing is a plethora of penalties.
Fred Needel had an interesting observation that I wholeheartedly agree with. It should be mandatory that rookie teams are pared off with a veteran team. If at the very least to make sure they understand the rules and procedures of what to do at an event. It stuns me how some teams come completely unprepared to a regional that goes beyond just the robot… They are almost always late to queing, forget equipment constantly so they’re not ready to run. They don’t organize the kids who are mostly left to figure it out themselves and when they hit the field alot of them didn’t even know what goal to score in. I just find that unacceptable. Teams had six weeks too download and absorb the rules, the least they can do was do that.

Our payload specialist received a penalty for throwing two balls at once, and it lost us the semi finals in Kansas City.

We did not find this until today.

What’s done is done, but I hope in the future regionals the refs know the rules better.

Honestly I think it should be the team’s job the know the rules and procedures. A veteran team shouldn’t have to be responsible for another team. As a member of a veteran team, I know it would add a whole lot more work that we would have to do, and we don’t have the time or man power to do it.
We were pared numerous times with rookie teams at MWR. Some didn’t know rules, others didn’t have bumpers, and a few had robots that had to rebuilt. We spent a lot of our time helping trying to help them out.
I’m all for helping teams out, but I think its unfair to shove responsibilities on to another team especially with this year’s game and all the complications that come with it.

Well the reality is this: You can either help them learn the game or watch them play the role as an anchor and drag teams down to the bottom of the standings with them.