Human Players Survey

I’m working on the newspaper for ChiefDelphi(47). I would appreciate it if you would answer these questions to assist me on an article. If you have any other suggestions, I would love to hear them. If possible, I would like name, team number and permission to quote.

1.Are human players vital to this year’s game?

2.Do the human players have the same effect on this year’s game as previous years?

3.Can the human players score enough to have an effect on the game?

4.Do you think the human player’s job is harder or easier this year?

5.What are your feelings about the 6 1/2 foot wall in front of you? Does it limit your ability to score or is it just another challenge that you can overcome?

6.Do you think a tall person would have an advantage over a short person?


 1. Yes, human players are vital, but that depends on the teams strategy.
 2. More of less.
 3. ???
 4. Harder if you are using a funnel.
 5. Yes, the thing will abstruct your view and make it harder to load your robot.
 6. That would vary and how good at throwing the person is.

sorry if this is crappy. I do not understand very well numero tres.

  1. They can do some very important things, so yes
  2. I’m a noob I dunno
  3. No
  4. Again, I’m new
  5. I don’t think people will be scoring as much as loading their robots by throwing balls into the top
  6. Height would help, but if a smaller person is better at throwing than a tall person, then the wall’s height might not matter as much
  1. With out the human players many of the robots wouldn’t be able to gather more balls to be able to score again, also the HP has the ability to score this year which may be able to sway the score a little and cause an unsuspecting victory. So yes, I do believe that the human players are vital to this game.

  2. I don’t have to much knowledge from games before Triple play because this is my first year in FIRST, but in comparison with each other the HP’s do about the same thing, prepare the robot for scoring.

  3. Depending on the luck of the human player their scoring abilities may have an effect on the game, it could be a tied game but a HP scoring point could be the tie breaker.

  4. I think the HP’s job is a bit harder this year than last year. Last year they didn’t have that much of a difficult task.

  5. I feel that the wall with have a problem with the shorter people that are chosen for the HP position. Not saying that a shorter person would have a less chance of scoring than a normal to taller heightened person, just that it may be a little bit more difficult. because of the whole height - arm span ratio thing. The longer your arms the easier it should be.

  6. See Above.

  1. It will play a role in the game this year but not a major role.
  2. I’m a rookie.
  3. I think so. I think that if you have a good human player, than tons and tons of practice will make it an key role in this year’s game.
  4. Rookie
  5. I do not mind. I am a short person but a game is a game, just another challenge that we must overcome.
  6. A taller person would be an advantage but then again, if you have a skilled short person vs a tall person who isnt the best shot you might wanna pick the short guy.