Human Simulation

Any teams doing human simulation that have done a video ?

I might go to a toy store and buy a toy basket hoop and have us do some video.

Loyola H.S in CA did a human simulation, and here is some of their findings :

  1. Defender is an asset.
  2. Dunker was able to score more, but only on low goal.
  3. Shooter can score more points.
  4. Shooter was more effective to hit the backboard, but backspin is needed.
  5. Backboard is more susceptible to a defensive player.
  6. Start with a shooter up high.

BERSDT Program Manager.

3132 did a human simulation(at 5:12). Although its hard to tell from the video what was learned.


Thanks for the link, very interesting video. Hopefully this Saturday we can do a simulation run and if we make a video we will post it here, along with any lessons learned…