Human Spy Communication Rules

I was wondering, are we allowed to use an arrow on a stick and use that arrow as a for communication? It doesn’t brake any rules since the rules state that we can’t use electronic devices.

I don’t see why that would be illegal either. It’s not powered, and I don’t see it imitating something in the field.

But why not use a baguette or a leg of mutton?

can we use cup telephones with string tied between them?

I am not sure whether you can or cannot, but I feel like that specific idea wouldn’t really work since: 1. The spy and the drive team are on opposite sides of the field and 2. If you even do manage to get a string long enough to go from one end to the other, I doubt the coach or anyone on the other end would be able to hear you from the spy box due to the fact that the string would absorb the sound waves and by the time the sound waves get to the drive team, they would’ve faded so much that the driver/coach would barely be able to hear you or the driver/coach wouldn’t be able to hear you at all.

T=According to 5.5.9 T26-1, Special Equipment can “not block visibility for field Stewards or audience members.” Would the use of signs (aprox. 8.5 x 14 or 12 x 12) in the spy box, violate this rule?


Then there’s that little matter of G37 …

We have built small flags (about 1’ x 2’) for our spy to use so that it is easier for the drive coach to see the movements. As long as he doesn’t cross into the field with his movements these should be OK. We will check with the head ref just to be sure he doesn’t have any issues with the size and look of the flags.

That would be great to see! I don’t know if I would stop laughing.