Humans Stacking Crates

In looking at the rules during the kickoff, we noticed that there is no rule saying that the human player cannot stack up 2 totes under the chute. this would allow a robot to simply push the stack into position saving a considerable amount of time. is this a legal srategy?

Assuming it actually works when you do it, no there isn’t a rule prohibiting it.

Yes, this seems to be legal and is a pretty good idea. There is no rule against doing so. However, its probably better to develop a system that can collect and stack within or near the robot, due to the fact that the human player station takes some extra time (load the tote and open the gate), and because the human player station may be unreliable in creating stacks in this manner. Also, if you had a mechanism to do it, you could create larger stacks that are worth more points, and that can be topped off with a container and noodle.

We did some mock testing today and showed it can be done pretty easily. we also looked at building a 2 tote, 1 container stack and seeing if the noodle chute would allow us to turn it from an 18 point stack to a 24 point stack. so far it look doable, but the noddle will need to bend just right. we are going to build the human station to test this out this week. If it works all we would have to do is put a container on the two human stacked totes and then push or lift the bottom tote for the score.

Do keep in mind G6, which I think is designed to prohibit things like this:

G6 A single ALLIANCE member may not be in contact with both a TOTE and the CHUTE DOOR simultaneously…

From where the CHUTE DOOR is located, it may well be impossible to satisfy the requirements of this rule (i.e. your ROBOT would be in contact with the TOTE, and your HUMAN PLAYER would be in contact with the CHUTE DOOR)

Or perhaps I’ve completely misunderstood the rule, or your strategy.

I think the meaning of G6 is that a human player can’t open the chute door and then forcibly push the tote onto the field.

Edit: meaning that if the second tote falls naturally by gravity onto the first, then it should be legal.

Yup, that’s it. You can’t set it where you want. So long as a human isn’t physically contacting both, your fine.

That is interesting, humans can stack the totes, it is true that this year, change has come.

Yup. arrrggghhh, they were doing so well with the spectator sports! My 84 year old grandma screamed herself hoarse last year from excitement at the competition. Does anyone think that’s really gonna happen this year?

my $0.02

I am assuming you had it land on the ground you didn’t elevate it to simulate a robot at all?

Relevant link here of it being tried.

We had several students and mentors at the live kickoff and full field at SNHU. They ran a good 30 iterations of releasing the totes through the human player chute and said that not one single time would they land on their top/bottom. The angle of the chute virtually guarantees that the totes land on any side but a stackable one.

Correct. but now that we have seen the 3 day build video. we are not as confident in our quick mockup results.

Can you push down on the chute door to reduce the speed of tote as it slides down and thus keep the first tote from flipping?

I haven’t tried it, but wouldn’t that increase the chance of the first tote flipping?

Mineboy2300: If I understand your strategy to mean that yellow totes are stacked and placed by human players on the field below the chute, then I believe G13 and by extension Section 3.1.4: Match Logistics prohibits this approach. You have two options, leave your totes on the field in the staging zone or remove the yellow tote from the field and place it in the designated starting position of the alliance station.

“However, if a DRIVE TEAM elects to leave their Yellow TOTE in the STAGING ZONE, they must leave it as positioned by the FIELD STAFF.” Also, from the blue block below Figure 3-7. “There are no rules that prohibit a ROBOT from being in contact with TOTES or RECYCLING CONTAINERS at the start of the MATCH, as long as those items were not moved from their STAGING ZONE…”

I think that they have been talking about the grey totes during Teleop, not the Yellow totes during Auto

Thanks BenBraun3090! My bad, carry on!

That’s odd. In the official Field Tour videos, it seems like the tote easily landed top-side-up:

I was the one doing said tests on the field in Manchester. Everytime we did it, the bin ended up staying on its side. Something for every team to test on their own I think.