Huntington Robotics Team 5016's 2018 Robot "Don Quixote" Reveal

Team 5016 proudly presents our creation for the FIRST Robotics Competition’s 2018 challenge, “Don Quixote”.

*Andymark Swerve Drivetrain
*DART Actuator powered arm for lifting and placing Power Cubes
*Wrist Joint on the arm for increased maneuverability and precision.
*REV Lift Kit for the climb
*Autonomous programs for the scale and switch

We are extremely proud of our robot for this year’s challenge, and we can’t wait to compete. We couldn’t have made it this far without the great support we receive from our school district, sponsors, parents association, and community.

Be sure to also check out our 2018 Chairman’s Award submission:

Why did you name the robot “Don Quixote”

Nice robot! I wish I can see this machine competing in person!
Good luck 5016.