Hurdling the Ball in a Diagonal Way...

We have a few questions, and they are the following:
1.) Is it okay to hurdle the ball diagnoally across the other side of the field?
2.) Does going through the finish line with the ball count as having possesion?
3.)Can you hurdle on your side only, or both?
4.) Define Home Stretch.
5.) Can we exceed the six feet height limit on opponets side?

OK, I’ll answer these as best I know how.

  1. I don’t know, but if you can do it without going over the dimension, then I think so.

  2. If you are contacting the ball, you don’t get the points. If you go through with the ball, you may or may not be in possession. Try the definition of Possession in Section 7.

  3. Both, but I don’t know why you’d hurdle on your opponents side. You don’t get any points there. See Section 7.

4)The quadrant immediately preceding and including the Finish Line, as you travel counter-clockwise. Begins at the land marker and ends at the Finish line. See Section 6.

  1. Yes. See Update #1.

The only thing i’ll add is to #1: If you hurdle such that the ball goes over the lane divider before passing over your finish line, you might have a problem as technically the ball never crossed your finish line (thus isn’t a hurdle?). Might be worth getting some clarification from the FIRST Q&A.