anyone have a good idea on hurdling or getting the energy for hurdling???

We’re trying a really large gas spring. On its own, I doubt it can get enough force out to punch the ball over the overpass, but combined with a lifting mechanism, I think it can effectively fire it over the overpass.

Here’s how I would do it. I would build an arm to grab the ball, and instead of throwing the ball, I would get the robot to extend the arm over the overpass to the other side. Then “drop” the the ball onto the other side.

well mainly what were worried about right now is just getting the enrgy to maybe catapult or somehow launch the ball over.

The nitrogen-filled springs from McMaster-Carr release very, very slowly. They won’t be capable of doing anything approaching “firing” the balls, no matter how much force they have. They will be able to move the balls, though.

yeah, i don’t think that a spring or a catapult will work in this case. The ball is too big and too heavy for any of those mechanisms to hurdle it far enough to reach the overpass.

Your best bet is to find a way to find a way to pick up the ball. It isn’t that hard just look outside the box. Look for a arm that can support the ball and your pretty much set

Hope that helped :slight_smile: