Huricane Ivan The Terrible

OH boy. a third one. this is Obviusly not good. and would tie a record of 3 major huricanes hitting florida in one season.


another storm geez – all well lived through this one-- trying to live without Internet–not working well–no cd very sad indeed–

all well-- still under the great state of emergency and well be again probably-- can this storm just disappear???

well enjoy everyone!!! hopefully Florida will still be here in a few weeks-- good luck to rest of florida cleaning up and preparing for this another storm will it hit or will it not that is the real question not to be or not to be

ooh just to let my fellow spammers know (well that’s if they can get online :confused: )-- as i know sfhs lost parts of it’s roof nothing known about our lovely pit out back–but mr. higgins said he put up SAM up from the floor and power turned off --so if no trees damaged our roof and all – i think our bots are fine hopefully they are

As a former floridian…I believe mother nature for “natural selection” against those people that dont know how to vote.

It just sucks for everyone not apart of this “natural selection.”

Well as we look at this stormm i am just speechless, this is the beast. This is the 9th most powerful hurricane in hurricane history. This thing will be castrophic. They are saying this will wipe out jamica. As of 6 pm tonight they are evacuating the keys. Its already hit some islands and its just totally have wiped them out. There is still alot of places that are still not in school becasue of Frances and this is just going to screw up everything. I mean we have been in college for 3 weeks and we arre just missing so much class because of hurricanes since college has started i have been to english class once becasue of hurricanes. Well as we sit and wait we need prayer cause i have just gone thru two hurricanes and i have been thru andrew and never been worried. This one right here is a hurricane that could destroy alot of things

alright that’s it…im done with these &*$( hurricanes…im moving to some other state…

I am praying that Florida is spared, but unfortunately, it doesn’t seem so. The wind is blowing north even in Indiana (it is pretty hot even up here). If the wind changes direction to go south, it may weaken just before it hits Texas.

My weather prayers will be in winter, when we have huge snowfalls and ice storms. I hate global warming.

Well, I’d recommend South Carolina, but we seem to be socked with them not that much less. (Actually, we’re right on Ivan’s path, last I saw…just our luck.)

I guess I’ll extend the invitation now for all of the South Florida folks to come up here to Columbia and make it a week-long tailgate party before the USC-USF football game next Saturday. USC tailgating seems to take about that long anyway. (Alright, so we tailgate all day until kickoff. But you know what I mean.)

And remember–stay safe darnit!

I nominate Tytus as the one who should be in charge or’s new HotW thread. :slight_smile:

what’s the HotW thread?

If it’s what I think it is, Hurricane of the Week.

Tytus is one of the unlucky ones to actually have physical damage to his home feed. They’ll be the last to get help, maybe weeks… About 50% of the people I know still don’t have power, and most just got there’s within the last day or two. Now everyone is panicking and running North. This is so unbelievable, it’s like a bad soap drama. This morning my wife was at the grocery store while the 11:00 advisory was coming out, when she went in it was calm and everything was pretty well stocked. By the time she left it was pure chaos, the store was jammed and shelves emptied again. I’m sure the gas lines will be miles long again tonight for people trying to get out of here. Plus there isn’t a functioning street light anywhere, it’s so dangerous out on the roads, everyones blowing through intersections everywhere you go. I feel for you Steve K if you’ve been without power since Charley. We were going nuts after a few days without it. Looks like the latest model now is saying more towards Tampa again. I think I’d leave for this one if I lived over there. But not where we are in West Palm I think it should slow down over land.
This is sooooo stressful :ahh:

i actualy still dont have power. my pole is in a few pieces. im runnung off a generator. its so hot and mygy at night that i cant sleep. i pass the time by killing bugs. there is no hot water. Only cold showers. i havent had a fried egg in a week. or anything else that you have to cook for that matter. the next huricane will probaly tear my roof off this time arround. it was weakened by francis. my door is swolen shut because it soaked up so much water. and the dunkin doughnuts sign that i tell people to find my street with was destroyed. i havent heard form 4 of my friends yet. So Its Safe to say. Im not looking forward to another.

you and me both bro…i i wouldn’t be suprised if my apartment complex is the only place without electricity in tampa; they say it might not be back on till sunday night/monday morning. luckilly, i’m close to campus, which never lost power.

Thoughts and prayers are with y’all down there. Stay safe and don’t do stupid stuff–like try to get ‘the greatest pics.’

For your sake in Florida, I hope Ivan hangs to the west–there’s no hope of his going far enough to the east to avoid damage to some of our southern friends! You’ll just be luckey if he doesn’t just run right up through the middle of Florida! I’d hate to think of what that would do to you… :eek:

I officially invite all floridians to move to California, no hurricanes at all, and here in Palmdale there’s no rain either, just the occasional dust-storm. :ahh:

EDIT: Wow, I think they just said Ivan was a 5, I didn’t know that… ooh. And it could intesify even more when it gets to Cuba! This one will be BAD.

grr… Ivan is on its way… its cat. 5 (last time i checked) pretty sure it will go down while its making cuba a disaster… this is so not cool… 3 hurricanes in one month!!! :mad:

Stay safe and don’t do stupid stuff–like try to get ‘the greatest pics.’

I think that was directed toward me… :rolleyes:
I play it safe, my house is geared for 150-160 winds before the roof decides to rip itself off, and I don’t go outside unless I hear no winds for 10 min. I don’t want to be outside and suddenly the winds pick up again…
but this one is one i don’t want to come… unless it dies down to a four or a three, then plz turn away… :frowning:

…seems to me there is a bit of a fault line running close by, too :eek:


yeah, I drive across the San Andreas Fault every day, you can actually see lines where the earth has moved. And down south a bit there’s a really cool land formation of rocks that crop out of the ground at about a 45 degree angle, and by rocks I mean giant cliffs. :slight_smile: But we haven’t had a big one since I moved here (4 years), but that might not be good that it isn’t over with. :ahh:

But we are about a half hour drive from Edwards AFB, it’s really cool when the space shuttle lands sometimes.

But I think I’d take my chances with a small earthquake than Ivan, he looks bad, any other hurricane, though, and I’d say bring it on, but not this case.

Anyways, good luck to you all.

See what’s great about earthquakes in California as opposed to hurricanes in Florida is that hurricanes destroy everything whereas earthquakes don’t (not after the 1994 Northridge quake). See, nowadays the building codes in LA are at such high standard that any time an earthquake comes, I look forward to it because everything shakes like a thrill ride, but nothing falls down or breaks. :slight_smile: Plus I’d rather have a dry shake than a wet blow, from a hurricane that is.