Huricane Katrina Victims

My team and I are going to be raising money for the victims of Huricane Katrina and the Red Cross. I was wondering if any of you guys had any ideas for some fundraisers we could do in school to get students to donate money.

I’m sure for a cause as well needed as the Hurricane Katrina cleanup effort, any kind of fund raising will bring in some donations.

Also, see if a local chapter of the Red Cross, or Salvation Army wants to help you in your efforts, or wants you to partner with them.

I trust you are not trying to scam the public in donating for a cause as good as this one, but the public has grown a little more aware of false fund raising efforts since the false fund raising efforts of some folks for tsunami relief bracelets.

Having a recognized organization such as The Red Cross, or Salvation Army will give comfort to the public and help in the collection for larger donations.

Good luck with the fund raising, and keep us posted as to how your funds will be used to aid the victim if you know specifically.

Our school has always had lots of success in having a “Penny War” between classes. Only pennies can be donated and the winning class (by class, I mean freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors) either gets bragging rights or some sort of minor ice cream party (we have a large-ish high school).

Another project that raised a goodly amount just from pocket change of all kinds was “Fill the Fishbowl” where students from a group would go to class with fishbowls and coffee cans asking for spare change from their peers.

As for donating it, I’d say to stick with the American Red Cross. It is a widely known institution and many people will donate just because of the name. They are familiar with relief efforts and are your best bet for a cause to donate money towards.

Harmony High school is helping in the relief effort. This is on their web page

Harmony High School has started a campaign to contribute to the relief effort for the Gulf Coast areas affected by Hurricane Katrina. We will be collecting cash, canned food, clothing, water, blankets, etc. in the school’s Media Center through Friday afternoon. We’re also requesting cardboard boxes to help package the items we receive. We will also be collecting these items at the football game on Friday night, September 2. On Saturday morning, all donations will be brought to an American Red Cross location for shipment to the affected area. Please contribute; it’s our way of saying ‘thank you’ for all the help we received after Florida was affected by four hurricanes last year.

I plan on putting the bug into 1604’s ear that they should also be doing this, despite them missing the school’s deadline.

For my government class, we have a required community service project to do. Because of the storm, the project is going to be focused on fundraising for the victims. My group’s plan is to sell candy bars to raise money (which can be huge considering how popular it is) and distribute donation jars to local businesses. Its something simple that could probably help.


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