Hurricane Jeanne

Well, as of 11am, Jeanne is now a hurricane, so I thought it deserved its own thread.](](

Looks like it’s heading right towards central Florida…

Florida really is getting killed this season…Let’s just pray everything will turn out okay.
Good luck to the teams down there with this hurricane, you’re in my prayers…

I dunno…I get a strange feeling on this one.

There is no way that this many hurricanes can all hit almost exactly the same spot in one year. Perhaps it’ll curve north and pay good ol’ South Cackalacky a visit. (It has been a while.)

do i even have to say anything about hurricane jeanne after my comments about charley, frances and ivan? :mad:

but if i could, i would run all of them over with my robot… :rolleyes:

I’m telling you - move to Wisconsin. Sure we get the occasional tornado and lots of snow, but we never have to deal with hurricanes or earthquakes! :smiley:

Or better yet - what about Arizona? I mean, they have their occasional droughts and monsoons but … the weather’s great, if you don’t like it too hot.

Seriously, though - If Jeanne decides to pay you a visit, be safe.

Hmm, what do you know, Jeanne is back to a tropical storm after hitting Hispaniola, but it is supposed to strengthen back into a hurricane Friday.

ok. another one. Bring it on. jenine

Ohhhh hurricanes are fun… :smiley:

I don’t think I’ve heard a more asinine statement. Ever.

Thousands of people are still without power (including my aunt, uncle, and their two young children). My family’s home and buisiness suffered tens of thousands of dollars in damage. And I’ll be making another two-hour drive down to Stuart to finish cleaning up.

Hurricanes are massive, damage-producing monsters. They aren’t “fun.”

Grow up…

i think he was being sarcastic George, he was in a crouded house in juipter when the huricane hit and sleped on a kitchen floor.

i wouldnt look at any other forcast models then what the National hurricane center put out. Each News station and website makes there own predictions.

I pray for everyone in Florida, especially the FIRST Team Members. It is really unfortunate that four hurricanes have/will hit Florida and more are probably coming. Despite all the tragedy, I think there is a hard lesson to be learned. That lesson is global warming. It is not more days at the beach. It is flooding in Indiana (during the summer), Killer Hurricanes, Forest Fires, drought, famine, etc…
This is a bit off topic, and I may start a thread on it, but it is time for us Engineers (or Engineers to be) to put our superior brain power into helping to save the environment.

Hmm well August and September our the “busiest” hurricane months, and they predicted 12-14 named storms this year so we look like we are hitting that quota soon. I was reading on drudge report that the people at the National Hurricane center are predicting like a possiblity of 30 more years like this. I am actually getting use to this.

Here was a sign on A house for Sale in Florida

It read: “1 Charley, 2 Frances, 3 Ivan, 4 Sale.”

lol i love it

Glad I fixed my 1970 generator during the last hurricane. Not joking but the old gas in the bowl was forming into coal. I doubt this one will hit us, and if it does it will be nothing but a tropical storm, some winds and rain but not much…

There was an interesting article on Yahoo! Weather the other day I was reading … I copied the parts I found interesting - there’s more there about global warming, how a hurricane forms, etc. in the actual article

Brace yourselves: Scientists say 65 million Americans living on the Gulf and Atlantic coasts should expect weather like this for another 30 years. Maybe more… It might be a generation before hurricane weather slips back into a quiet phase, he and other experts say.

“The hurricane threat is much greater than it was in the 1970s through early 1990s,” said federal meteorologist Stan Goldenberg, who flew around Hurricane Ivan in research aircraft as it approached Mobile, Ala. “It could last another 10 to 40 years.”

Goldenberg and other experts believe the current hurricane surge is part of an obvious storm cycle that probably has been waxing and waning for hundreds of years.

Roughly from 1970-94, Atlantic hurricane activity in the United States was relatively mild. Sure, there were monster hurricanes like Andrew in 1992 — its 177 mph winds killed 55 people in the U.S. and Caribbean and caused $26.5 billion in damage. Every year a big storm whips up — it’s just that most fizzle before veering into a city.

Overall, the 25-year “quiet” period generated about half as many destructive storms as the previous stormy phase dating back to the 1920s, and about half as many as today’s stormy phase appears likely to produce. Since 1995, environmental conditions have shifted and the Atlantic has been spawning more strong storms. … Last month, Gray tweaked his gloomy 2004 forecast downward, predicting 13 named storms rather than 14. He expected seven storms to blow up into hurricanes, three with sustained winds of 111 mph or greater. … Why is the storm cycle intensifying now? Scientists aren’t certain what causes the decades-long shifts in the ocean-atmosphere interplay. …

When the Pacific Ocean cools during the La Nina climate phenomenon, the Atlantic warms up, and more hurricanes are the result. Over the Atlantic, wind shear that knocks down rising storms tend to slacken, while humid westerly winds from Africa’s bulge grow stronger. … Most scientists agree that global warming plays little or no role in the number of storms in the current hurricane cycle. … so far, climate change is too uncertain and today’s hurricane patterns are too complex to draw a connection.

“I don’t think the warming now is anywhere near enough to account for the increase in hurricanes that we’re seeing,” said Robert Gall of the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colo. “To me, this is just a natural variation in the frequency of hurricanes.”

From: Forcasters: More hurricanes may be on way

Not to say global warming isn’t a problem, just that it has very little (if nothing) to do with the hurricane surge this year.

it’s not a hurricane right now–tropical depression ppl—no worries right now–but doesn’t seem like it’ll hit us right now

good luck to everyone in the hurricane area. thts crazy how u guys are gettin this many hurricanes. hopefully there wont be another one after hurricane Jeanne. :ahh:

It was downgraded in about 5 hours it went from a hurricane to a tropical depression they dont even think its going to be that in a couple of days

Did anyone see it named “Javier” for a little while? It was just during one report on the Weather Channel. They must have figured out it was girl name time and changed to Jeanne.

We hope everyone is safe and recovering, and getting prepared for the next storm.

Isn’t there Karl behind Jeanne? and also the start of the formation of one by Cape Horn that has not yet been named yet I think. :confused:

My heart and prayers go out to all those that have been affected by these tragedies. :frowning:

On the plus side it does appear Jeanne is vearing offf to the east and will strike somewhere in the MidAtlantic region leaving Florida out of it this time.