Hurricane Matthew

To all teams and people, like myself, about to be affected by the storm please keep yourself and loved ones safe.

Yes! Everyone stay safe! Hope to see everyone doing well at roboticon this weekend, but safety comes first!

Any teams who are affected by the storm, please let other teams in your state know if you need any help when it has all passed.

We’re hoping the damage won’t be as severe as other storms but if it is, don’t forget you have a whole network of people ready to help in any way!

Any updates from local teams in the Hurricane path?

So far Bacon seems okay, just a lot of us without power. We won’t be able to check the build space till tomorrow since there is a curfew till 7am. We will be rolling into roboticon a tad late but we are still planning on going.

Hope to hear from all of our costal friends soon!

The storm wasn’t that bad. We lost a square of our screen enclosure and there are a lot of leaves and branches down from the wind last night. Power was only out for the night and luckily came back early this morning.

I’m going to have Garnet Squadron reach out to the South Carolina coastal teams to see if they need assistance once the storm passes through.