hurricane party meals

I was wondering what people eat during hurricanes.

We had huge dinners because a lot of food was frozen. We had brisket, chicken, lots of side dishes, etc. After power went out we continued having that heating it on a propane stove. We also had a lot of coffee and my grandma had two huge coffee cakes. We didn’t open one can. We got power back right away since I live across the street from a hospital.

We try to stay away from machinery that includes power. Like, we’ll make cereal and some other stuff like that. We haven’t experienced a hurricane since Isabel, but that one wasn’t even as serious. But all the same, it’s smart to keep away from electronics during one. Ya never know when your power will go out. Hehe.

I also lived next to a hospital when I lived back east, so the power almost never went out. But when it did, I cooked eggs on a grill, now that’s interesting.

If there is no power, I’ll eat junk food: chips, cookies, cereal, poptarts, donuts, anything that doesn’t involve a stove, or grill, or microwave (although i live off of the microwave :stuck_out_tongue: j/k).

Anyway, if there is power I’ll eat normal food - what my mom or sister cooks (can’t tell you because our power hasn’t gone out yet!)

I was asking this for a certain reason. We were getting ready for this next storm and I wanted some ideas of what everyone else does. We can’t just eat junk food because the power could be out for a week or two. Its like being in the 18th century.

The last “disaster” in West Lafayette was a huge ice storm in 1991. It destroyed power for a week or so, so us and the a couple of other Indian families that were there (back then, there were only 30 or 40) went to stay in my family friend’s house. They had a fireplace (Ben Franklin style -where wood is the fuel). The outside kind of looked beautiful, with the Ice crystals hanging from power lines, trees, and houses, but it was no where as bad as a hurricane.

when my power was out last week, we’d make a trip up to the grocery store each day, and grill whatever we bought on a small charcoal grill. obviously, this’d only work if you are near a grocery store with power…otherwise, lots of PBJs, and bowls of cold Campbell’s soup.

when theres a hurricane i eat the same things i do every day, because i live in connecticut and nothing interesting ever happens here.

During Frances, my dad had a small grill, and we ate very well!! We had chicken the first night, the leftover chicken and pork the second night, shrimp in the morning. We boiled eggs (kinda!), and if we would have had another night before we left, we would have eaten fried spam, or so my dad says (i sure hope he was kidding!!). A neighbor from the cul-de-sac came over with hot dogs and english muffins wondering if we had any propane that they could borrow. we gave them a good meal, chicken and a salad.

(my only problem with all of that is that i don’t like chicken!!)