Hurricane Sandy

To all our friends in Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and Connecticut - Please stay safe! Our thoughts and prayers are with all those in the path of this major storm!


What Steve said!

My daughter is getting to experience her first hurricane as a student at Drexel in Philadelphia. We don’t have too many hurricanes in southern CA where she grew up.

Located in a suburb outside of NYC, our school district has now cancelled school for today and tomorrow.

Thanks for the thoughts and prayers, we extend our deepest concern to everyone in potential danger as well.

We hope that everyone, their friends and families, and their belongings (including our trailer parked at our school right on top of a hill…) are prepared and safe for the coming storm.

Lost two trees and lost power a couple of times so far.
There will be some work to do in the wake of the storm.

What about Massachusetts?

I hope everyone stays safe and sound… And that the storm won’t cause too much harm.

And now, humor (always good at times of trouble):
I know you probably want to, but don’t go checking on your robot with the storm raging!

Meh, they’re probably used to it by now…:ahh:

The wind here in NNJ is really picking up big-time, the neighbor’s 12" maple just cracked in half and fell into my backyard, so that was a 60+ MPH gust. No damage (other than the tree’s pride I suppose) but we’re not through it yet.

Still got power though!

I live a little further south of you Don. It’s blowing pretty steadily right now. No power loss, other than a few brown outs or flickers.
Of course where I live must of our power lines are underground so unless a switching station gets hit, we’re usually good.

It should rock us pretty solid in the next few hours. Storm track looks like it’s headed right over my neighborhood.

Sandy is just full of hot air anyway. :smiley:

Live video and audio from the Statue of Liberty’s torch:

Yeah, in North Jersey nothing but wind so far and some rain earlier. But it does seem like the wind is slowly picking up speed. Interestingly, usually I lose power so easily…not even a brown out yet…

I hope this hurricane blows over leaving humans and robots untouched! My and my team’s thoughts and prayers are with you.

Sandy’s expected landfall is an hour or so away. She should be visiting Delaware very soon (how many of you have actually done that!).

To all affected directly or indirectly, prayers and well-wishes to you and your families.

Be safe and stay dry.


Two days ago the Ruckus was held at the Dome Arena. Now it’s a hurricane shelter for the next couple of days.

Good luck to everyone and stay safe. Hurricanes are normally (unfortunately) our natural disaster of choice. From all of us in hurricane-land, I hope you guys don’t have too much damage!

The winds have been strong (like blow-around-250-pounds-of-me-a-bit strong) down here in Columbia. All y’all up north be safe!

woo hoo!
I rigged up brief Internet access using an old wornout robot battery.
We plan to tap in occasionally to check the storms progress and keep in touch.

Large oaks dropped right and left of me, in addition to the ones I’ve lost.

Been without power for 5 hours.
Dinner by candlelight was romantic with the storm tossing trees by the window.

7:00 and the pressure just dropped to 28 in hg. Never seen that around Phily before.

Here is to a quick recovery. When Ike came through Cincy, we were without power for 3 days. Nothing compared to our southern friends, but for a place not used to seeing hurricane force winds, that was a long time.

Checking in from Massachusetts.

We still have power, all the schools have been closed today. I did think we were going to lose power earlier because the cable went out for a minute, but its still on!

Lots of wind and some rain though.

Lost a tree in our yard, but it didn’t fall anywhere near the house (we have a big backyard).

All of y’all, stay safe.

I had to grab someone to keep them from falling over while on campus today. Then my umbrella flew away and I had to catch it…

I have a lot of friends going to college on the east coast (like, right on the coast) so I hope their schools are not under water when they go back.