hurricane season 05

so there is a tropical storm already…and the hurricane season hasn’t even started!!

and it’s coming from the pacific ocean over central america into the gulf…this isn’t very normal

well so i guess… i hope everyone is safe this crazy hurricane season…hopefully it won’t be as bad as last year… lost sooo much pre-season time…and scared about the bots back in the pit and water damage…

I’m moving from CT to Florida in early august to go to college…hurricanes here I come!

… hahaha Lisa… welcome… I won’t even come see you!

I dont want to put up those darn shutters again!!! :mad:

All I know is I’ve heard some crazy stories about what those college kids do during hurricanes…

the weather always does funny things to people, like when it snows, all these engineers take kids, lock themselves in machine shops & build robots…weird

we don’t need hurricanes to do crazy stuff…
fortunately for me (and anyone else in the tampa bay area), tampa bay seems to be in a hurricane “slump” (i.e., we never get hit), though forecasters are saying that this season is going to be worse than last…

So we’re going to have five hurricanes doing double helixes around the state?

Ok well this is a pretty intresting hurricane, definetly a result of El Nino Here’s Cnn’s Take on it.

And on the hurrican season, they already have announced they expect at least 5 ones to hit the east coast this year…eek, wait yay! No school possibilities! (my house doesn’t flood do to the fact we had to get it sealed because of radon levels) Well anyway this is what Reuters typed

And while i’m at it, lets take a look at the Hurricane Names for this year.

Well somebody let me know, because I’ve got an awesome Florida visit trip planned (probably summer or winter break) and I need to be prepared for that sort of thing.

if it’s winter lol don’t worry about it…season is over in november…

lol…L is lee…that’s my last name :smiley:

a house on my block already is all boarded up lol…guess they went away for the summer…

yay! or grr - i can’t decide.

my dad and i put up the shutters last time – several times. so whatever let’s see how this goes. i hope i don’t end up staying up all night studying by candle again – specially since my room is the hottest in the house. but i love rain so…

bring it on :slight_smile:

This evening, Hurricane Katrina made landfall in South Florida.

To all who are affected by this storm - you are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope everyone is safe.

Story from -

– Jaine

from what i know everyone that we know is safe. it wasn’t that bad. i’ve delt with worse. it hit the southern counties. their power is being restored so they all should be online and all.


just gotta love these hurricanes…

flights will be back up and running soon so some kids can go off to college

Stay safe, guys! We’re keeping you in our prayers.

well it’s out of south Florida hairs but it may hit up in the panhandle, go through Georgia or Alabama perhaps…we shall see. it’s up to category 2 w/ the warm temperatures in the gulf of Mexico.

any teams that in the projected path and every family too… i pray you all keep safe… these storms are no joke…

4 people died down south i read b/c they were out and about. stay inside it may be a low category but does a lot of damaged… over 1 million people out of power still… :frowning:

just a quickie update for anyone who isn’t paying attention to this storm…

5 people are still missing as well.

I wish all of the people on the panhandle and the rest of the gulf coast well as Hurricane Katrina approches.

wow, has anyone else noticed how the whole earth is having weird weather. I mean its not only places like US, but Durham region, and Markham (next to toronto) had floods, and heavy winds…(it’s pretty uncommon here, I dont think that we’ve had floods here)

also, while I was in Mumbai (aka Bombay, India), it was monsoon season. that means that there is the occational small flood…this time it poured about 1 metre in a day! that set a new world record. Luckily for me, my friends and family didn’t get affected much in that flood, except my cousin, who decided to walk through that for about 5 hours(getting home from college) but he’s safe…but, LOT of people died though, and now there’s lots of water-bourne diseases getting people, and killing people too. It’s really sad if you think about all the helpless people dying from drowning, and diseases.

These are just a couple of examples of the odd weather going on around the globe, theres probably a lot more going on that I don’t know about.

I talked to my parents on friday afternoon, eye went right over our house. He said that no one in the neighborhood was prepared becuase all the tv/paper/hurricane center said that it wouldnt be much of a storm. The power was still out and had been since 4pm on thursday. We fared well but friends further south lost thier roof and have a foot of water in thier house.

new update: 7 people are dead now

and one person is suffering due to lack of power and hence he is not on cd – please send your prayers to arefin bari. quote: “i need my powerrrrrrrrr backkkkkkkkkkk and i miss chiefdelphiiiiiiii”

i actually got power back 2 hours ago, finally. and there are still people who don’t have power =(

Next time… I am going to take a gun and go out there after the hurricane. I have been sweating way too much since thursday night. :slight_smile:

… but… I am back. :smiley:

I missed Chiefdelphi. :frowning:

As far as I know everyone around is safe.

175 mph winds with dropping pressure. :ahh: I believe that speaks for itself.

For those in the New Orleans area and/or others in the path of this storm, stay safe and get out before its too late. Good luck.