Hurricane warnings

I know this is a little off topic, but I just wanted to know if anyone is preparing for the big hurricanes coming to our state. I wish luck to the cities on the western coast. I am near Orlando and the news said it might still be a category 1 hurricane by the team it reaches here. I don’t have school tomorrow either because of it. Here’s to hoping it randomly chooses to go back out to sea.

We’ll be praying for you guys

i am in Ft. lauderdale… i have been getting lots of winds and rains today (thursday)… there is a warning for this hurricane at the keywest… all we can do right now and sit down here and watch what happens… :frowning:

Ya i live in ft. Lauderdale but going to orlando starting today to get everything in order to move up there on wed. The hurricane is suppost to hit up there so i went out and got everythign ready i needed. All we can do now is wait. I am used to hurricanes tho happens like this every year

Ya my cuzin and her family lives in St.Petersburg by Tampa and she had to evacuate from her house. I havent heard from her yet so hopefully there ok and everything lol It would haveta suck evacuating your house and everything.

I’m sitting in St. Pete and my family and I are getting ready to head inland. I’m just hoping that our house doesn’t flood out from the surges and, more importantly, there are no fatalities from this storm. My prayers are with all the people in the affected areas.

isnt st. pete on the west coast?? so its a gulf storm!?! hmm…

*goes off to Weather channel, while thinking about family who lives on Treasure Island which is right on the coast…

WOO HOOO!!! Waves.

ive been through alto of huricanes, the Only realy bad one ive seen has been ANdrew in 92. since then the building standards have all been upgraded so i expect things to be alot safer.

Yeah I’m going with Lisa.
I’m praying for y’all too. Hurricanes are really creepy sometimes.
We had one last year that was really bad. We missed like almost a week of school.
Right in the beginning of the year!
Anyways, you’re in my prayers.

Oh yesss…Treasure Island is probably under mandatory evacuation as we speak!

It’s so weird…I never heard of those places until last week when I spent a week of vacation on Tierra Verde Island and thoroughly explored St Petes, Treasure Island, Johns Pass ( LOVE THE HUT!), and Madiera Beach.

Praying for safe evacuation and miraculous lack of property damage.

Lisa T :slight_smile:

palm beach and martin county are ther only ones going to school tomarro. so swamp and spam are the only ones in florida that have school tomarro. Oh wait, that means me :frowning: Great

It’s better than having to make the day up though over like Spring or Winter Break. You have to have the 180 days of class. :smiley:

But tomorrow I’m going to have to put up the shutters. No one seems to moving stuff inside around here. :frowning: And we’re getting the rain and the wind.

Good luck and stay safe!

I wish you guys luck and my prayers. Out of curiosity, what are you going to do while waiting for the hurricane(s) to pass? Play Magic? View CD (that is, if you maintain power)? Play cards? Board games? Etc.?

umm now at 9:30 martin county doesn’t go to school so s.p.a.m. kids home so therefore we might have to make up the day during winter break–dec. 31-news years eve–what a great way to end the year in school :frowning: --all well-- i rather go in 1/2 day and not make up the day but sleeping in is okay

we shall live through this hurricane it’s okay not that bad

I wish you guys luck and my prayers. Out of curiosity, what are you going to do while waiting for the hurricane(s) to pass? Play Magic? View CD (that is, if you maintain power)? Play cards? Board games? Etc.?

I’m gonna be listening to my iPod, and if powers on, try to get on AIM to remain in contact with friends and such. I was thinking about talking to friends on my cell, but even right now the towers are being overloaded with calls. If I can get on-line I will probably also check in on CD and try and update the areas condition. I just hope that our school doesn’t flood, when I left today, some of our bots were still on the ground :ahh: .

So… The National weather service had the greatest opportunity to make a cool set of names for these storms and they dropped the ball.

Obviously if you have a phenomenon of 2 potential hurricanes happening at the same time for the first time in 100 years or so, and you name the first one Bonnie… wouldn’t it make sense to name the second one Clyde???

C’mon NWS… Get in the swing of things here.

That said, the waves in NH were great today after the little rain that was going on there yesterday, it’s just too bad that I am back in CT now.

Oh well…

Good luck to all you folks down in the South-East USA!

Good luck to yall, if there’s one thing I miss from the east coast, it’s hurricans, we’re lucky to get rain here in the Cali desert. :rolleyes:

Great. the one county that has school tomarro in all of florida and it has to be mine. well, better sleep for school tomarro.

I’m not preparing for it…but the millions of over reacting people in Jacksonville are. The storm isn’t even going to really hit us here.

But us Floridians know how to handle times like these. Heck, it isn’t even that bad of one.

Thoughts and prayers are with you Floridians in what seems to be turning into ‘Hurricane Alley.’ I hope the storm surge doesn’t get as high as predicted.

BTW, when did you start school? August 1??? When does your school year generally end? Our part of PA usually starts the week before Labor Day.