Hurricane Wilma

Hello I’m Sebas from TechTigers 1251 and I would like to infor everyone that Hurricane Wilma has passed by the North West of Broward county and is pretty much Coral Springs, Parkland and Margate.

Of our team i know of how 4 people are doing and 3 still don’t have power inculding me.

It was pretty bad and on Wend. I waited in a line for 9 hours to buy 15 gallons of gas for my neighbors generator ( he was letting us borrow a line to power up our fridge)

Now our friend let us borrow his RV which has a generator and a how shower so I guess we are doing ok. Damage to our house was minimized to a couple of tiles falling from our roof and one of them falling on my mom’s car on the back windshield. trees fell down and the city looks depresing. I hop everybody on a South Florida team is doing ok.

well from Coral Springs


Good luck man. Its just a matter of time before everything returns to normal for you. Luckily my area was spared this time, just a lot of rain and some wind, no damage. Get everything taken care of so you’ll have as much fun as possible (if) when you come up to the Robot Rodeo!

My family in Fort Lauderdale still does not have power or water. They went up to Orlando to stay with some family this past week. Apparently they were told that power should be restored by Nov 15th. We are all hoping it’s earlier than that.

Its been a little over a week… still no water, but I just got electricity back. It makes you think about how fortunate we are to even have these things to begin with.

My area is still really messed up, but things are getting back to normal. Hope all is well everywhere else

hello there
i can understand your pain and of others and can pray for your well being
it is a matter of a few days more and then everything will return back to normal
i have done a few charities in this and have also told my freinds to contribute in whatver way they can
wish you all the best in life