Huskie Robotics SPOT V2: A Modular Scouting App For Every Year

Huskie Robotics, Team 3061 is excited to announce the second release of our open-source scouting app – SPOT (Scouting Platforms On Time)! SPOT is an open-source, modular scouting app platform upon which a team can deploy a scouting app with little to no prior experience. SPOT is designed to be a long-term solution for scouting: easily configurable between years, simple to maintain, and new features are added every year.

This release of SPOT is fully configured for the 2023 season, with pickup/placement graphs for each game piece, time to engage for the docking station, cycle times, and more! Details about SPOT are available on our website. There is a quick start guide and a set of video tutorials to get you up and running quickly whether for deployment for an event or to evaluate locally.

SPOT is designed for a wide range of teams with a wide range of expertise and requirements:

  • A team that is new to scouting and isn’t sure what information to gather or how to analyze their data. SPOT comes as a preconfigured app that can be deployed with minimal setup and will provide all the basic functionality needed by most teams.
  • A team that has some experience with scouting and wants to collect specific data that may not be part of the default configuration but that doesn’t have significant programming experience. SPOT can be configured by modifying configuration files rather than by writing code.
  • A team that has experience with scouting and wants to perform custom analysis operations or advanced custom scouting interfaces and has some programming experience. SPOT can utilize user-provided analysis modules to extend its functionality beyond the default configuration without requiring teams to modify the base code.
  • A team that has significant experience with scouting and significant programming expertise. SPOT is open source, documented, and designed to be extensible such that teams can start from this code base and build their own custom scouting system.

Key Features:

  • Easy to use platform for data entry throughout matches.
  • works on all platforms, from iOS to Android to web.
  • Analysis page to display detailed statistics and charts about matches and teams.
  • Admin view for live scouter management at competition.
  • Preconfigured for the 2023 CHARGED UP game with no additional game-specific customization required.
  • Easy deployment experience when teams run a server on Glitch
  • Optimized for teams who have internet access while scouting, completely functional for teams with no internet access.
  • Quick setup with a built-in first-run wizard to walk teams through configuring their scouting app, connecting to The Blue Alliance, and setting up their database.
  • Completely configurable analysis and scouting view without the need for a single line of code.

If you have further questions feel free to ask here or email us at!


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