Huskies... wow, what a great bunch

Posted by Erin.   [PICTURE: SAME | NEW | HELP]

Student on team #1, The Juggernauts, from Oakland Technical Center-Northeast Campus and 3-Dimensional Services.

Posted on 4/11/2000 7:51 PM MST

To members of team 65-
I am extending my thanks to Huskie Brigade- Team #65- because of all of the support you give us. We were there for you guys until the very end. You are there for us all the time- almost year round. When our name was announced during the Chairman’s Award presentation, your student representatives were the first to stand up and give us great big hugs (not to mention- they gave us great company by sitting next to us through the award ceremony). Everyone should see what a fun, helpful team you have as much as team 1 has. From the instant you guys got picked, we knew we would help you cheer for your aliiance throughout the final matches. And when the competition was all over, you were there to party with us and share the fun of the festivities.
I am pretty sure I speak for everyone on my team when I say, WE LOVE YOU GUYS!


Posted by Ken Patton.   [PICTURE: SAME | NEW | HELP]

Engineer on team #65, The Huskie Brigade, from Pontiac Northern High School and GM Powertrain.

Posted on 4/13/2000 8:43 PM MST

In Reply to: Huskies… wow, what a great bunch posted by Erin on 4/11/2000 7:51 PM MST:

Hey Erin-

I’ll make sure to pass on your words to everyone on the team. Thanks! It was great having your team cheering for our alliance in the elimination rounds (I had time to look since our team only played in the quarters - buy hey we moved the 157-173-65 alliance into the semis :)).

It amazes me that our ‘dream date from Ypsi’ was not picked. The Juggernaut had the stuff to go all the way imho. Total domination on the bar and ramp - team 25 (no disrespect intended) would not have been able to play their game with Juggy on the field.

Congratulations to you and your team for being a Chairman’s Award finalist - I’m glad that the tradition of classy Pontiac teams lives on!

Nice to meet you in person btw!