Hyatt Crazyness!!

Hey this is team 498 Reporting from the Hyatt Regency Main Building. With the Willy Wonka Elovators!!! This place is nuts. This is for everyone here mooching off there 11mbps wireless network. If your using it, POST HERE WITH YOUR TEAM!! If you want to hang out with us, PM me, or goto, for tomorow. Have fun everyone, and good luck.

Elevators only go up and down.

Wonkavators go this ways, that ways, front ways, back ways, side ways and any other ways you can imagine.

wooo where in that hotel, team 269 has most of floor 11. Come and drop by 1104 any time.

340 is on 12, nice banner, we’re just going to put ours in our pit. This hotel is awesome… way too nice for us.

Lol, thanks. Do u mean our flagg? Dude right now were having so much fun on the phones?

461 representing floor 10 on here! Aim me at serpent088 if something is happening tonight kids.

1002 on the 8th floor

Team 74 (the red shirts) have rooms 1128-1138? (11th floor) I am on Wireless sitting in the corner. probably many of you here that have seen me and said hi.

Your team should of came to floor 9 where the people were at

You guys think you have been crazy. Team 177 is mostly on 12th floor. We’re in 1206. Let’s put it this way. If you’ve seen falling objects fly past your window,you’re not hallucinating. “Never leave future engineers alone, especially with something like gravity.”

lol, its cool. We threw things out the window that wont decompose for years. Were probubly having another “team(s) meeting” after nats today. Floor 9 if anyone wants to come down. Its pretty crazy, Bring your family :rolleyes: