Hybrid Mode Help

Hello. I am my team’s website guy and, new to this year, programmer. I have ROBOTC 1.14 installed on the team comp, and I (somewhat) grasp the coding language, but I am having problems with the hybrid mode. Here are some of my questions:

  • How would I interface with the hybrid mode controls? (We are using a standard TV remote)
  • Can I still utilize the Code Template that came along with the ROBOTC program? (void main(), task Autonomous(), task Human_Control())
  • Does the ROBOTC language allow typedef structs like ANSI C does?
  • Why does the compiler hate me so much?

here, check this thread out. it really helped me and let me do what i wanted to do with the programming. Good Luck.

Hi ShotgunNinja

If you wanted to interface with the Hybrid Mode with the IR, we actually have a sample to do. Here’s the code for the Initialization and Autonomous Sections:

#include "FRC_Comp_Include.c"

void Initialization()
	bMotorReflected[port2] = true;  //Reflect Motor
	frcDigitalIODirection[pio3] = dirInput;  //IR Output 1 on Digital IO 3
	frcDigitalIODirection[pio4] = dirInput;  //IR Output 2 on Digital IO 4
	frcDigitalIODirection[pio5] = dirInput;  //IR Output 3 on Digital IO 5
	frcDigitalIODirection[pio6] = dirInput;  //IR Output 4 on Digital IO 6

task Autonomous()
	int IRswitch1;
	int IRswitch2;
	int IRswitch3;
	int IRswitch4;

	   IRswitch1 = frcDigitalIOValue[pio3];  //Update Variables
	   IRswitch2 = frcDigitalIOValue[pio4];  //So we can see status in the Debugger
	   IRswitch3 = frcDigitalIOValue[pio5];
	   IRswitch4 = frcDigitalIOValue[pio6];

	   if(IRswitch1 == 1)  //If Switch 1 is pressed (it pulses, doesn't remain on)
	     motor[port1] = 50;
	     motor[port2] = 50;

	   if(IRswitch2 == 1)  //If Switch 2 is pressed
	     motor[port1] = 0;
	     motor[port2] = 0;

	   if(IRswitch3 == 1)  //If Switch 3 is pressed
	     motor[port1] = -50;
	     motor[port2] = 50;

	   if(IRswitch4 == 1)  //If Switch 4 is pressed
	     motor[port1] = 50;
	     motor[port2] = -50;

Yes, You can use Typedef structs like ANSI C.

What issues are you having with the compiler?

I recommend you take a look at some of the support/samples we have at the ROBOTC website: http://robotc.net/ifi/frc/support.htm


I am the mentor of team 2669 from Kiryat Yam, Israel.

We stand behind the Hybrid4all initiative aimed at helping teams get started with their autonomous mode.

Here is a link to a presentation explaining about the basics.


To the left you will find another presentation about our ‘Go Black’ initiative.

To the right you will see the presentation of Hybrid4all.

If you have any questions feel free to contact Team2669 KY Bots!