Hybrid mode

We are coming down to the end of the regional weekends. I was wondering what teams hybrid modes can do.

Team 343 can (at the moment) get 20-24 points. we do this by knocking down the first ball and getting three to four lines. by the end of the weekend, we hope for two balls and four to five lines.

we could knock the ball down and cross one line.

By the end of WMR our hybrid could pretty reliably cross 1 - 3, though it still requires a bit of tweaking. The first line is essentially a guarantee, and the second line is also very likely. Depending upon if we hit a robot or not we can also generally hit the third line now, and we almost got across the fourth line, which we could certainly do if conditions were right. If the obstacle avoidance system works as well as it does in testing it should become even more effective at getting those lines.

But as always our programmers will tweak it, tweak it, and tweak it some more. He hope for great things.

From testing our Hybrid(We are competing this weekend at the MN Reg) We can knock down the trackball plus cross 1-2 lines for sure

lol, seems that many teams (including us) will find out what our hybrid does at Championships. As of now, about an inch away from 3 lines. Hoping to knock a ball off and get 4 lines.

we could consistantly knock down a ball and get 2-3 lines

we can get 5 lines in hybrid! but more consistently we get 2-3 lines because another robot usually is in the way lol. Two lines is pretty much a given unless someone programmed a “crash into lane divider” auto on the other team:eek:

three lines and maybe one ball, but we’re working on some tweaks for philly so keep an eye out.

our team can get 4 lines and a ball and consistently get 4-5 lines with no balls. wer workin on getting 5 lines and 2 balls :smiley: