Hydrogen PEM Fuel cell

I have been doing alot of research on hydrogen fuel cells and have been looking all over the web at how to make my own fuel cell. I have looked everywhere and still cannot find anything good to follow. I was wondering if anybody has found aything or could lend some advice. Like maybe the teams that got the fuels cells for the greenmachine competition.

Let me know. If anybody replies I will ask the questions then.


Are you looking to make your own MEA (Membrane and Electrode Assembly) as well, or just the mechanical plates for the Fuel Cell? A dremel and some plastic can get you pretty far. Ultimately, you’ll need some metal screens or similar to pass the current along. Do you have access to power supplies or load cells? Feel free to ask more questions.

I found the following after a (very) quick search…

DIY Book


Google Groups Thread

Some Random PDF


Here is a good place to start.