Hyperdrive Challenge Discussion

I haven’t seen a thread really discussing the Hyperdrive Challenge that much, thought i might make one.

I was just wondering what kind of times people are looking at for each course? We’re personally looking at a low 7 second time for the Slalom Path and a mid 9 second time for the Barrel Run Path.

We haven’t gotten to the Bounce Path or Lightspeed Circuit yet, so I’d be interested what times other people are looking at for these paths.

Edit: Our Lightspeed Circuit time was 15.85 seconds, video below


Pics or it didn’t happen, I’m afraid! :grin:


No worries, heres the clip of the mid 7 second slalom.


edit: Just timed it, 7.66 seconds


Our best lightspeed circuit so far was 20sec.


Here’s our 15.2 Lightspeed Circuit, I have no idea why its so blurry so ill try and fix that later.



So heres all of our runs put together

after doing a frame count, here were the times

take them with a grain of salt, i was tired when i did this.

Barrel Run Path: 9.8 s
Slalom Path: 7.7 s
Bounce Path: 8.9 s
Light speed Circuit: 15.2 s

Total: 41.6 s

I think we might be able to shave some time off of our Slalom Path time because I took the last turn kinda wide, and we were tinkering with the idea of letting our intake down to hit the starred markers earlier on the bounce path. Other than that, I cant really see us making any more significant progress to our times unless we decide to change the gearing on our drivetrain to have a higher top speed or something.

This is probably the most enjoyable and competitive challenge other than the Power Port Challenge, so it would be dope to see more discussion about it. Best of luck everyone


Super impressed with the lightspeed run, that course is so hard!


I like that you guys used powercells for the Bounce Path. Maybe not intentional, but it had a nice look to it with them rolling away

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The idea came from when we realized we probably shouldn’t be intentionally running over the cones we borrowed from the track team. Overall they work really well, and you don’t have to worry about getting anything stuck under your bot.

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@AndrewSincere Nice lightspeed! If you guys are capable of swerve drive, why did you choose tank for this out of curiosity? If you’re not capable, would you choose it if you were? I’m just trying to gather drivetrain opinions for this challenge. Thanks!

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I think the only way our team could really get away with a swerve drive is to buy something like the thrifty bot swerve modules, but even those are a bit out of our price range, and we would definitely be leaving our comfort zone in terms of driving and overall design.

In theory, a swerve drive is going to be faster in the Hyperdrive and Autonav than a comparable tank drive. From the videos I’ve seen though, it looks like controlling an omnidirectional drivetrain is harder than controlling a tank drive. This won’t be much of a problem for the Autonav challenge, but for the Hyperdrive challenge, the increased complexity of omnidirectional movement might actually give teams a harder time.

Obviously, this is all just speculating from the few videos I’ve seen. I think either types of drive trains are capable of achieving a cumulative time near 40 seconds at the highest level.

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I believe that there is a 24.6 AutoNav posted…
I have to guess that it is some kind of optimized swerve…

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The sum of our Hyperdrive bounce path, slalom path, and barrel path is 26.4, I can definitely see an autonomous tank drive getting that kind of time.


I agree. It does seem much harder!