Hyperion 3360 Robot Reveal : Thunderstorm IX

After a long build season, here it is!

Really cool robot! I loved your guys’ 2015 bot, and the intake on this one looks almost identical to that. The elevator looks super slick too. I also really liked the throttle control, is that for the elevator?

Sweet robot. Love the elevator design! :smiley:

Looks great! Wish I could see it in person…

Yup! The elevator is PID controlled using an encoder, so it’s easy for our operator to use the throttle to set its position. As for the intake, we decided to swap for those 2-3 days ago, and we angled them down to force the cube to go up in our claw faster.

Nice machine and driver station! See you at NYTV.

Great job Hyperion ! Can’t wait to play with you in Montréal and Troy, NY.

On fera peut-être enfin partie d’une même alliance en série ? Bonne chance et à bientôt, très très bientôt !!!

I really hope we end up on the same side of the glass this year!

great looking bot! wish I could catch a glimpse of this in person!

Good luck this season