"Hypnomania" returns to Connecticut!

Dr. Travis Fox, who entertained FIRST teams at the 2004 UTC New England Regional and 2004 Championships in Atlanta, will be coming to the greater Hartford, CT area on Friday November 19! :stuck_out_tongue: If you got a chance to attend either of these shows you know that Hypnomania is one of the best hypnotist shows around! Who can forget the infamous “shoe stealer”, Elvis or Moulin Rouge acts? Just thinking about them brings a smile to my face! Tickets will be going on sale soon; adults - $10 and students - $5. For more information or to reserve tickets in advance, please PM The First Lady or me. This promises to be an evening of great entertainment!

Also, on Saturday, November 20 Dr. Fox will be hosting his highly successful Personal Weight Workshop. Lose some unwanted pounds before the holiday parties! :smiley: Participation in the workshop is $50 and includes a supportive CD to take home with you. Attendance is limited and requires advance registration - once there click on the 11/20 date to reserve your spot now!

Both shows will be the major fall fundraiser for RAGE team 173 so if you plan to be in New England the weekend before Thanksgiving, plan to join us as we present Travis Fox!

Excellent! :slight_smile: I know several people on my team were interested in seeing him again. Do you have a location yet? I didn’t see one listed in your post.

It will be at Vernon Center Middle School, in Vernon CT.
777 Hartford Turnpike
Vernon, CT 06066
It’s just off of I-84.

awsome!!! if i get the day off and am free i am definatley going to go see him again… maybe we can get some Firsters from CT and RI and MA together and meet up before and after!?!

do you have a time for it yet? i noticed it isnt on here…

I will ask The First Lady to post details for both shows as they are confirmed - we just wanted to get the date out there for everyone so they could put it on their calendars and mention it to their teams… The Hypnomania show will be on Friday evening in Vernon, CT (twenty minutes east of Hartford on I-84); the Personal Weight Workshop will be held on Saturday morning with a second workshop in the afternoon if the first one fills up.

ooo ok cool…i know a bunch of people from our team are planning on going including me woohoo :smiley: :yikes: cant wait for another good time

I know, it should be fun! He was so awesome when we saw him. One of our other adult mentors was hypnotized in the audience in Atlanta and has been a fan of his ever since! So she thought it would be fun to bring him back to Connecticut. She just went to Delaware to his weight workshop and has lost several pounds right away. The events will be open to the public but we’ve only publicized it so far to FIRST people via CD.

ooo cool cool so we get the inside info eh? lol…will there be commercials on tv and the radio and stuff? or you just sticking to flyers and the paper?

NO TV nor radio - way too expensive (but we may advertise on the local cable annoucement channel).

most radio announcements are free…especially on the local stations…you should probably look into that…i kno when we have eventslike the pancake breakfast and pasta dinner we send in an announcement to the local radio station.

That sounds great. I was planning on contacting the radio stations to do a phone interview with him before the show. I wonder if Scott Haney will mention it on the morning weather. The Hypnomania Show will start at 7 on Friday, November 19th and the Personal Weight Workshop will be at 10 on Saturday, November 20th. We will add a 2nd workshop at 2 if we have enough people. I let go of 18 lbs in less than 4 weeks after attending the Workshop. It really works! :smiley:

coolness for less poundage! lol scott haney should say it too if you send it to him…sounds good…hope to cya all there at 7 woot. :smiley: should be another great time

The original shoe stealer stronly endorses, and will be present for this event.
Hide your shoes.

  • The Shoe Stealer

I saw a video of that. It’s still on Team 195’s website. We (Team 237) had the best ballerina. :stuck_out_tongue: Just look for the redhead dancing across the stage.

Not only did we have the shoe stealer, BUT Elvis AND Pink from Moulin Rouge

Let me tell you, explain to Pink/shoe stealer’s dad that he won’t remember tonight and was hypnotized was a rather interesting experience. ALthough screw with his head was a lot of fun :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t help it if my team just get hypnotized easy!

Oh no! I’m still hunting for the pair of shoes you stole at the RAGE team banquet back in May! :smiley:

Everyone - please spread the word to both your FIRST teammates as well as to friends and family and SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS (wouldn’t you love to see your principal hypnotized???).

Right now, he’s actually at the Oregon State Fair – It’s a pretty cool show – and it’s funny when they all put their shoes on the wrong feet…

I wanted to give more information about the Hypnomania Show on November 19th. The show will start at 7 pm at Vernon Center Middle School on Rt 30 There will be snacks and drinks available to purchase before and after the show so come early, have a snack and get a good seat. Tickets will be $10 for adults (college students and older) and $5 for students (high school and younger). If your team would like to buy tickets you can PM me and I will be happy to mail them to you.

We will have a Personal Weight Workshop on Saturday, November 20th. Dr. Travis Fox will give you the tools you need to let go of weight. I personally let go of 22 lbs after attending a workshop on August 1st in 5 weeks. The workshop will begin at 10 am and if needed a second workshop will begin at 2 pm. The workshop will last 3 hours and you will receive the Personal Weight Workshop CD with your registration of $50.

If you would like more information about either the Hypnomania Show or the Personal Weight Workshop please PM me. You can check out Hypnomania on Dr. Fox’s web sight at travisfoxentertainment.com. Please join us for a night of fun. See you there.

We’ve heard from a number of CT teams that they are interested in attending Hypnomania on November 19. We suggest you PM The First Lady to reserve your team’s tickets now, as they will be going on sale to the public very soon (this week?).

If you own a business and would like to advertise in our program, The First Lady can give you details about that as well. (Or maybe you or your team would like to include a message in the program to other FIRST teams??? A quarter-page ad only costs $20.)

We’re looking forward to seeing who ends up on stage this time around!

And don’t forget to register for Dr. Fox’s Personal Weight Workshop - just in time for the holidays - by going to his website at www.travisfoxentertainment.com.

Come visit us in November!