"I <3 Autonomous Mode" shirts Resurected for a Cause

Team 11’s famous “I <3 Autonomous Mode” t-shirts will be back in style this FRC season in order to raise money for a cause that is very dear to our team and ties into our other events such as Relay For Life, which is raising money for the American Cancer Society.

Older members probably recall our yellow t-shirts with black text which read:
Front: “I <3 Autonomous Mode”
Back: “I live my life 15 seconds at a time”

If teams could PLEASE post up interest on here so we can gauge what kind of order we would put into our t-shirt place it would be really appreciated. The larger the order, the cheaper the shirts will be. As of right now they will be $10 or less if a large order is placed. After cost of the shirts, all profit will be donated to the American Cancer Society along with what our Relay for Life team fund raises. Our team guarantees we will not be making our own profit especially because we are a 501c3.

Again, as of right now,** this thread is just to gauge interest in FIRST and we ask that all teams show this thread to their members and mentors. **We will post up a thread or update this when the time comes to order t-shirts. All shipping information will also be in the thread and orders will be run off of our team website at www.mort11.org. I have also posted this on our twitter @FRC11

Thanks to everyone who can purchase a t-shirt for this cause that means a lot to our team. I will have pics up soon of the shirts for those of you who are too young to have seen them. They won’t be ready for week 1, but they will be ready as soon as we can get orders in.

Post away!:slight_smile: PS.- If you’re viewing the thread please vote in the poll. It is very important that we are able to gauge interested so that we can give an accurate approximation to our t-shirt place which means an accurate price for shirts.

For reference.

I’m soooo convincing my team to sport these, so I can totally leech if not, I’ll buy off an extra from somewhere…<3 MORT

Yours Truly,

Also, we are very well aware that currently, the new website is not working in Internet Explorer. Please open it in FireFox or Chrome. Our programmers are a little too busy with other things at the moment :rolleyes:

We will have price/ordering info posted up ASAP as soon as we get a quote from our guy.




These are the original ones. Faded from its original neon yellow. The font on the new ones will be a bit different too.

Can i get one in black with white letters?

Is there any chance you have an old one that I can buy at your pit this weekend?

I would be interested in getting one, but sadly I am not near any team as I’m stuck at college that is located in the middle of no where. But I would still be interested on wanting to get one myself.

Also is the plan to have the same text on the back too cause that would be nice.

Sorry, no we do not have any old ones (these are many years old).

When we figure out how ordering and shipping will all work out, be assured I will post updates. The shirts are planned to all be ordered and shipped out in time for everyone at Championships to wear, if not much earlier. If all goes well, we will also have shirts available over the summer for offseasons.

I am not sure if we can get different color choices available, but I will ask.

Stogz, I’m in for one or two. (Just for the Lulz, I’m not even a programmer)

*Presses the “Me Likey” button!

Can’t wait until they come out!

What about the “I h8 Autonomous Mode” shirts (for the programmers who actually have to make the robots work)?

That’s awesome! Looking forward to placing my order!

We talked about color options today and most likely we will only offer the interchangeable black and yellow. We’re working on the website right now to get an order form up that will all be sorted through our google documents back end.

Akash –
I think 1899 would be interested in at least two of these. I’ll keep watching the thread.

Already voted as well… thanks for sharing this!

I’d buy one if I could get it (shipped) for ~10 bucks.

I would LOVE one of these, though I’d have to have it shipped.

Would love one, shipped would be required though. Unless I can get it at championships.

Are the shirts going to be available at championship?

The shirts sound awesome, and I’d LOVE to buy one!