I am back in the game, and need so help

hello, hello…

my name is michael and i was big in first a few years back…

but then i went away, i changed high school and as hard as i tried i could not get a team started, i came up with money for the school to use, i had a team of kids waiting to do it, but to no avil… the teachers didnt want to play ball… or should i say bot?

any way i am now a high school graduate working on the college thing and need some help getting some part to use to… build a robot…

i could use what ever is offered, right now i have not alot of money… but if anyone has any old used, left over, abused parts i would be more then grateful…

my e-mail is [email protected]

or you can post back to me

any way i would like to wish you all luck at the upcoming kick-off have fun i know i did

michael h. formerly of team 842 falcon robotics

What size robot are you looking to build? That is going to dictate what kind of parts you are going to need. Also for what purpose?

Obviously if you are build a robot that is 30lbs, you don’t need CIM motors or 18 volt Dewalts to drive it. Purpose also matters, considering CIM motors can push other robots around, if you just need a drivable platform then you won’t need expensive/ high torque motors. It all depends, especially it there are weight constraints on what you doing.

If you’re looking for a competition to do or a group for robotics advice, you might want to talk to these guys in the Phoenix area:


They’re PAReX (Phoenix Area Robotics eXperimenters), and they’ve been doing hobby robotics competitions for years.

If you’re used to the gigantic FIRST sized bots, this might seem small, but it’s much more economical than what you’d be doing otherwise. If you’re trying to get this for a high school team any age can compete in this, so consider it.

Is there a large college robotics competition here in Arizona going on or something? I’ve noticed numerous graduates of 842 inquiring about parts lately.

i dont so much need motors as i do motor controlers, i need spikes and fuse boards stuff like that… i have the battery stuff taken care of also

i really need the transmitter/receiver to run the bot…

the comp. i am entering is underwater robots put out by APASE (i cant remember the meaning) i might be able to get somethings on-online, but i just dont have the money so i figured delphi always had ppl helping out i figured i would check here first…

h20robots.org is the comp site… if your interested

any way if you could get back to me that would be great…

thanks alot


I kind of overlooked that competition thinking through what was happening here, but someone already reminded me of it. It makes sense now.

If you’re looking for transmitters and receivers, your best bet is to just get a Vex one. I don’t know about other teams, but on mine at least almost all (if not all) of our old controllers are currently used by something, or we’re hoping to use them and aren’t too keen on giving any away.

I can check on Spikes and Victors, but we’ve already given a few away and I don’t know if there’s any more we can part with since we always end up using more than come in the kit.

How long ago were you on the team? I am part of the team right now.

do you want to start a first team?