I am bored. Id like to get to know you all!

Hey. I am Ashley from team 1559. Some of you may know me/our team from the Finger Lakes Regional that happened this past week. GO SHADOW CLAW [our robot is named that]. The regional was so much fun! hehe.

well. i hope you all reply! hehe. :smiley:

You mean you want everyone at Chiefdelphi to reply?

Hi, I’m Joseph. I’m on 384. Don’t know who we are? Just go to a regional we are at, you’ll know. Our driver is Crebberand our arm driver is The Breeze. Our human player is DjLupis. Mr. Hicks is some guy we picked up on the way to VCU :wink:

Tsk, Tsk, Ashley. What did we tell you about posting again tonight? :mad:

not everyone silly! lol. but i would like to make some new friends. not that i dont have friends… but its always nice to have more. and i am an internet addict… lol


sorry jon… but i HAVE to! lol

ashley…you’re the best! way to go.

LOL You’re all about posting all kinda of stuff! Well, my name is Oliver Mutton and I AM CANADIAN!!! I am from Team 1006, Port Perry Robotics, but a lot of people know us by our robot’s name, FAST EDDIE III. I hope your team can come up to the GTA Regional or Waterloo Regional next year and you can play with EDDIE!!! Your team sounds awesome, good luck this year!

I think you’re addicted…you’re posting past your bedtime!

bedtime? theres no bedtime while chief delphi is up and running!

There’s no bedtime during the season.

mike, programmer from 237

There’s no bedtime when your a programmer :slight_smile:

Brad from team 836, Driver/team captain/mechanics person/ rookie trainer.

Bedtime? Us? NO WAY!!

There is no bedtime when someone from your buddylist is online.


I’m Genia. I’m on marketing for 461. I really like Dance Dance Revolution, and I’m almost 5’2". I give free hugs. Hope to see ya at comps

Well, I’m Brian of CRT 306,nice to meet ya. I’m supposed to be an animator, but I never got it done, so I just do whatever needs done. If you are going to the Pittsburgh or Cleveland regionals, we’ll be there. Maybe Atlanta too, if we do well at the others.

o my gosh i love hugs… esp giving them! hehe

ashly u spend way to much time on the forums. Our teacher had to have a talk w/ us about becoming an adict of the forums.

I feel negative rep points coming your way Joe…but I’m maxed out, I can’t give you any more. LUCKY.

I’m Matt. I’m the one in the picture next to Ashley. Nice to meet you all.

Hi I’m neha. i joined FIRST this year and I’m addicted too. i get scolded about CD all the time @ home because if i took all the hours i spend on CD and channeled them to my schoolwork, I’d have straight As. but no… i wouldn’t do that anyway, i like it here =).

oh yea… i forgot to mention that that sexy man next to me is our most important senior member matt… haha. luv yah! and Joe needs more negative points.