<- needs to invent hamburger earmuffs

V- cant figure out the active pickle matrix

^ Knows what a active pickle matrix is
<- Does the white boy dance
V has seen me do the white boy dance and still has nighmares

^ scares people with the white boy dance

< is seeing a therapist about the white boy dance nightmares

V is a graduate of the Hollywood Upstairs Medical College

^ needs to see the therapist more often
< wonders how quickly this one will go down
V wonders the same thing

^is starting school soon, HAHA!
<is glad ^ puctuates
vshould listen to radio104 to find out whats gonna be different.

^ knows something I don’t about radio 104
< hasn’t listed to Radio 104 in a while and is glad he is starting
school soon
V doesn’t know what the radio 104 thing is unless they are from
Connecticut or the surrounding areas

^ - Wears purple pajamas
< - Is originally from Michigan (not Connecticut) and doesn’t know what the radio 104 thing is
V - Should really be in bed

^ is keeping her up
<thinks the sims hot date rocks-unless the person above goes out w/ your b/f
v should come on a hot date with me to make him jealous

^is kinky
<is up for anything
vshould mind your own business

^ should come chat in Tigerbolt
< is chatting in Tigerbolt
V should come chat in Tigerbolt

^ is chatting in Tigerbolt
< is chatting in Tigerbolt, has a new picture online
v should be chatting in Tigerbolt, if isn’t already

^Should Be Sleeping Not Chating In Tigerbolt
<Is not chating in Tigerbolt
V Is Tired and wants to goto sleep

^ doesn’t know what he’s missing by not chatting in Tigerbolt
< doesn’t need to get to sleep
v wants to chat with me, and a few other people, in Tigerbolt

^ - Got a new CD pic (look everyone!)
< - Is chatting in Tigerbolt with ^
V - Is not related to me

^is crazy for wanting me to chat in tigerbolt
<Tried and cant get it to work
V Is Proboly FotoPlasma

^wears a volcano hat with hula girls
<is not fotoplasma
v is unhappy about school starting

^ is in the same school district as I
< is FotoPlasma
v is not FotoPlasma

^Is FotoPlasma
< Happy He isnt
V Feels The Same as I do

^ - stole a MOE stick

< - should get ready for school

v - will prolly be fotoplasma

^ knew I’d do this…
< is too predictable
v quite possibly might be Yearbook